NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Houston Discussion Thread


No doubt. I love watching him run the floor at full speed - and he finishes!


I really enjoyed watching Houston’s Corey Davis compete. And then he suffered this.
But then a classy move from Mo Wagner.
What a way to finish in Wichita.

— Jeffrey Parson (@JeffreyParson) March 18, 2018

This was pretty cool.



I see it as a no lose situation, though I’m prepared to root like hell for Michigan. UNC has had enough success dammit.


HA, Zavier got Gray flustered very early. When watching the first key plays video, I noticed Gray brush off Z’s arm hard after his drive went nowhere.



Wagner too tall for FT, but I always thought JMo would’ve be a pro-bowl TE.


M made finals in ‘93 after going to OT in round of 32 vs UCLA. Fab Five were sophs, a 1 seed , and were down 13 at half against 9 seed UCLA. Iirc Tyus Edney game tying layup came just after the buzzer and was waived off. Jim Harrick was none too pleased


That is the shot I was referring to. I watched that game and knew what he could do.


Thinking back to last night… Why the hell did Robinson leave his man for the game tying 3? I watched that saying why Duncan? Why? That play and Matthews tip that wouldn’t stay down were two of the most frustrating plays of the game.


I think it can be underrated, though, how much Gray breaks down/deforms the defense. We had to allow our defense to come apart in ways that we certainly haven’t had to do in any of the games in this winning streak.


Thing is he never broke down the defense looking to facilitate. He had 7 total assists the last four games and his shot totals really increased.

I bring up the small sample size because it came against the two top conference teams and obviously two tourney games. For whatever reason, he started playing more to shoot for himself recently than letting the game come to him. He wanted the bright lights and carried them in one game. If I’m being honest, Zavier’s defense and Gray’s bad shot selection were what helped lead to that win big time. He shot them out of that game.


Hard sell to say Gray shot them out of the game.


Yeah I watched the last 4 mins of the game again this morning and that was a mistake by Duncan. He got sucked into the paint trying to help but Rahk had already rotated over to help and then Duncan was late on the close out.

That was annoying but so to was when we had a one pt lead with about minute left and ended up with Matthews taking a 3 with the shot clock running out. That was a poor possession and then to make matters worse, Livers ends up fouling on the rebound.

We still had our chances and I couldn’t believe Matthews tip didn’t drop. Then on the next possession, it looked like we tried to run the hammer play which the Spurs have made famous to get Wagner an open corner 3. That didnt work and fortunately the ball went out on Houston. We followed that up with Rahk having relatively easy layup attempt which he botched.

Luckily, we got one more chance and the rest was history.


22 shots isn’t a lot huh? 8/22 is good nowadays too?


You funny. Houston was up 2 with ball and :04 left and Gray shot them out of the game.

I guess I don’t understand what you mean by that.


I mean he took 22 shots and only made 8. He consistenly drove to score and missed more than he made. (All the credit to Zavier and Michigan’s defense too)

If you’re going to drive to score and not drive to facilitate, you shot them out of the game going 8/22.

Given he shot well from 3 at 4/8, means he was obviously 4/14 from 2. That’s awful.


But they obviously were very much in the game until the buzzer sounded. Think your phrasing is just wrong.

Gray obviously affected their offensive performance. In a negative way on many possessions.


He did get some “Kobe assists” on some of those misses though (drawing so many defenders away that a teammate got a free putback).


I think he certainly had a hockey assist or two. Or more.