NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Houston Discussion Thread


I’m dying. Stuck at home because the bars are a mess on SPD.

Wasn’t that a goal tend against OSU/KBD there?


excel to the rescue.


Interesting - that MD game was the only “why is this happening” kind of nightmare - and in the UCLA game, he may have hit the biggest shot of the season!


Oh FFS, the second nightmare start in two games. You cannot be serious.


Adding personal insult to injury, my Comcast is out, so I I’m only able to watch this game thanks to my phone’s hotspot. My contributions may be limited, but we’ll see.


Defense is setting the tone early. I want to see if Houston gets frustrated.


Remember the Duncan Robinson Jalen Coleman argument lol


I am loving seeing Duncan shoot with confidence. If they refuse to close out, keep firing away.


Poole Party splash!


SPLASH for the win!!!


I am shaking

Oh my goodness, so proud!


I didn’t quite call it, but it was a foreshadowing!


Sure glad we have Jordan Poole. Go aggies



in the game thread


Not going to lie, I had my S16 tickets next to me on the elbow of the couch, was ready to log into stub hub to sell them…

30 seconds later, I’m booking my flight to LA!!!


Have to say one thing - we were really not ourselves - not at all - we missed shots we make, and we are much easier to guard when we are 6 for 27 from 3, BUT - wow, Houston played some outstanding defense all game long. Great defenders. Much credit to them.


The offer again stands. If anyone knows how to set up something I can trasfer $75 dollars to, its yours.

You are the real deal and the good luck charm.

I want you travelling like a King.


I literally had a season retrospect typed up after the MAAR missed layup. Holy hell I’m not going to be able to sleep. Hello 5 more years of bad karma from this shot, I welcome you with open arms. Damn, we are clutch as fuck in ridiculously dire circumstances in buildings mostly filled with Kansas fans.


LOL, I’ll send you my PayPal! So far, this trip is a $1200 journey, but only if you want to send me some cash for beer for the chords ha ha ha! This insane trip is on my fool head.


From the game thread:

“Jordan Poole from 3. Just say F it.”

It was like it was whispered in my ear from above, lol