NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Houston Discussion Thread


I remember that comment so well! Unbelievable!


How much do you want, $75?

I got some extra paypal cash and would be happy to do it.

I am just so pumped man. I am always happy to help out a fellow Michigan guy have some fun.


This needs framing.


I don’t even know man, we’ll talk. I can’t think straight right now. I’m out of my mind right now.


I feel bad for all of them except Gray. Dude is arrogant but one hell of a ballplayer


I’ll be honest, I feel like hell for the Houston guys. They played their hearts out.


Cool man. Just let me know whenever.


How in the hell did we win that game? I’m still in shock and awe mode. I was very pessimistic even when we had a chance, just felt like one of those games


Played like crap but won. Can’t complain


I gotta get my composure together, holy deep breaths. All sorts of stuff needs to be planned, all I could think to do was book the flights, and then I guess everything goes from there. My Driver’s License expired on my birthday (day of the BTT Final) and I need to renew it M or T lol!!!


Yup, great team of scrappy JUCO guys who you’d never expect to be there. It sucks, but I’m glad it’s them and not us.


We are:


How bout Rahkman passing it still shocked. I thought no chance he would give it up


So what’d everyone do tonight?


Did you see his post-SDSU interview? I don’t think he’s arrogant at all. Seemed like a good kid with a lot of heart.



Saw some midgame shooshing of the crowd. Shoots like crazy without getting much involvement by his team. Flops like crazy. Complained after every missed layup in traffic = Don’t feel bad for him