NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Houston Discussion Thread


As long as we don’t play like crap we will win this gave. That Montana game actually made me feel better strangely. It reinfirced what I knew already. This team is mentally tough along with physically. I’m convinced we’re a top 5 defense in the country. Duncan looked great on d out there.

Montana got us to play an ugly , physical , scrappy brand of ball and we took their punch withstood it and then beat them at their own game. In years past that game would hace been trouble for us and we may have lost or it would hace been a nail biter.

The only thing I didn’t like is I would have liked to have seen Poole more particularly in the second half. We are going to need him ready to go and ready to create and score if we’re going to make a run. I wanted him to get a feel for the atmosphere more and to get comfy so he’s ready to step up when we need him.

Besides that I was happy. Hopefully moe got that choke job out if his system. Happy to see Simmons is ready and his scoring could be key to. If we can get 6-8 out if him and 8-12 out of Poole every game here on out we might go big.


CM is really close to getting it. Love his hustle and rebounding !


People are putting way too much on Jordan Poole. He could have a big game or be the key in a game, but I don’t think he is ready to carry the team.


I mean has anyone here said he can carry the team?


We just need him to go unconscious from 3 like Spike in the title game. For 5 games. Is that too much to ask?


Maybe I’m irrationally overconfident, but the way Simpson has handled opposing PGs, playing a team that depends on their’s for all their offense strikes me as a good matchup.


Let’s fire up the Jordan Poole highlights. Just get to the rack Jordan, et cetera sequentur. Thank you Google.


Haha exactly. I didn’t think my take of “I wish Jordan Poole could get 4 minutes per half” was such a wild one but hey maybe it is


I’m also irrationally relaxed. This team has a calm and resilience like no other. I think MAAR’s ultra-chill demeanor is part of that. I have to say I love the expression on his face when he gets fouled hard or nicked up, it’s pure suffering and torment. He really sells it.


For a guy who is otherwise impassive. . . it’s a treat.


MAAR was such a mess last game - that kind of freaked me out. He didn’t seem to have his legs under him altogether. I know he managed to pile up some points, but that was not his standard game.

I’ve been a huge MAAR fan since the beginning and have so much confidence in him that it shook me to see him not look right.

I wonder what the crowd balance is going to be. Frustrating that as the higher seed the game is like 6 hours closer to them than us.


There’s a Michigan section, Seton Hall section and Houston section. The rest are Kansas fans.


You think they stay for at least a half, I guess?

Wonder if they root against us for 2013-14. Probably, no?


He does have a few similarly inefficient games this year. v Montana 70, others: 82, 70, 58, 74, 59


Neutral fans will almost always root for the underdog at NCAA tourney game.s


Or an implausible comeback, although I hope that won’t be necessary :wink:


Would be nice if they would root against all that is terrible in college basketball in Sampson, but then Self isn’t clean either…


Which games are those?


Biggest downside to Kansas winning is that if they lost all those fans would have just gone home.


Bah I’m so nervous.