NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Houston Discussion Thread


Seems like a sparse crowd for the MSU game.


Yeah, I looked at the media guide after your first post. Funny, looking at him, I could have sworn he was 6’3". I don’t think Edwards is a real 6’1", but that’s still encouraging. Gray is just big all over, though. Big shoulders, and I noticed he’s got big calves, too. Our PG my sophomore year was built so much like him - lower level, but became the all time leading scorer at Connecticut College. Very crafty at using his size (and his shoulders).

@buckets12 I think Edwards is an amazing dragonball z force of nature, but I agree about the supporting cast. Most of all, I’m worried about us. We play our game, I like our chances. But the way they were calling fouls… I’m just fearing Gray could put some fouls on people.

Hoping Coaches B and Yakilich have a good plan for him, just still having Jelly Roll flashbacks.


Simmons played first year is at Houston, did he leave after the Sampson hire?


Simmons was at Houston in 2013-14. Sampson’s first season was 2014-15.



Relax, dude. Come on. Someone disagrees with your point and you’re going to act like that?

I didn’t say I was more logical. That’s actually the whole point- those types of terms are subjective and you were trying to make them fit your narrative and they don’t really make sense.


Hey whoa, recent events eliminate all conflict. Let’s just bask in the history we just witnessed.


Team seems in good spirits:


I’m with you, but jeez, when reams of information from past events applied to observed phenomena no longer equals logic, wow, we have lost the plot. Just because you don’t see numbers and charts doesn’t mean there’s not logic. As a JD, I’m pretty sure I’m familiar with logic. It can be difficult to play as a favorite (see tonight). There’s a difference between playing to win and playing like you know you have something to lose. Michigan wasn’t the favorite in any of those final regular season games. Those games were opportunities to - at the time - score quadrant 1 wins, not games that had the potential to be resume wrecking losses. If you doubt such a thing exists, I assure you Nebraska has you on line one. That Illinois loss destroyed them.

Anyone who has ever been the favorite in anything in sports has experienced playing not to lose. And sometimes, that’s good enough. Sometimes, like with UVA, it’s not. Not going to be good enough against Houston. I want those assassins back from the BTT. They need to just go for it, tonight, and Lord willing, from here on in.

Also, here’s your study:

It’s a silly example, but I won two of four tennis championships at my summer camp. At the start of every tournament, I knew I was an even bet to win the whole thing. I played some unattractive, wretched tennis in the first rounds every year. I was playing not to lose and to do just enough to win.


Anyway, I’m on to Houston


You should know better than to ask a JD to avoid conflict. It’s like a Pavlovian response. When conflict starts, they must win. :slight_smile:


force tough 2’s
Don’t foul
Make the extra pass
Matthews please don’t pick up dribble in lane


GAME DAY BABY Let’s get back to the sweet 16


When Charles does that, it’s the most frustrating thing in the world. They’ve been working A LOT with him about having a plan and backup plan when he drives into the lane. This summer is going to be huge for him to see if he can be more consistent and efficient on drives.


Agree…This is really like a Freshman year for Charles…hoping the light comes on from the IQ side because he’s one heck of player. Tremendous upside for the young man…just needs more game experience and to pick his spots. His handle reminds me of a young THJ but he’s a better athlete and needs work on his three.


And I’d rather rise and fire always be Matthews’s fall back to his back up as opposed to just getting stuck down there. For instance, tonight, he’ll probably be guarded by a guy who’s 6’3" - see if that guy can block your shot.

Like others are saying, still confident that he’ll improve - got the coaching and the work ethic.


Watch for a huge leap next year.


This IS like his freshman year! He’s having to learn a lot of fundamentals from the master. I don’t think Calipari teaches basketball. I think he gets great athletes and let’s 'em play. He tries to motivate them, although sometimes he’s not particularly successful at that. Calipari is slick. John Beilein is real. Charles seems to be such a team first guy and so coachable that Coach B is going to help him to really, really become an outstanding player. You can’t teach that athleticism, it’s innate, God given, but you sure can teach how to play the game the right way. You can help a great athlete, through proper fundamentals and TEACHING, to become a great basketball player. I know Charles respects Coach B and believes in what Coach B is teaching. I’m excited to see what he becomes! As for the three, I honestly think when Charles confidently goes straight up and doesn’t “float” to the left, he’s money. I think we’ll see a lot more of that next year because he will work and work this summer. And that 10-15 foot jumper of his in the lane is SO pretty, such height on that jumpshot. Wow!


Nice to see the guys loose. Since his podcast last year, I’ve thought Duncan could have a future in sports broadcasting/entertainment.


You know who’s going to be a GREAT sports entertainer when his, hopefully, NBA career is over is Isaiah Livers! Great personality, extremely well spoken, good looking kid and an outstanding smile! No question Duncan is good, too!