NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Houston Discussion Thread


I’ve hit on this a few times in the player bullets. He creates 2-3 turnovers per game it seems like by drawing offensive fouls. A lot of them are on off the ball type of stuff as well, not always standing in taking charges.


This. Don’t put Gray in a position for late-game heroics.


What does that even mean? Your response is vague and unhelpful.


If we forget about this awful game that we still managed to win (but didn’t reflect our team’s level and potential) do you guys feel we should or can win that Houston game? They looked fantastic and won a nail bitter, and we looked awful and won comfortably, so it’s hard to assess who is “hot” coming into this.

Honestly, just hoping for someone to calm my nerves down.


Houston is very good so it is very possible we lose. Probably a 55/45 game.

Not sure that will calm your nerves though,


Rob Gray looked fantastic. He outscored his teammates by 11 points. We have the perfect player to defend him.

They have a high usage PG and depend on transition offense and threes. As long as we don’t play as sloppy as we did Montana, we match up real well with them. No guarantees and obviously Houston is a good team. But you’re not gonna get any gimmes in this tournament.


From a scouting standpoint, should we go all in in stopping Gray? He did look fantistic. Starting noticing him in their conference tournament, and I was hoping so much not having them in our bracket.
Seems like limiting their 3 point shooting and letting Gray do his thing might be a way to win this. Seems we shouldn’t be too worried about their inside presence.
So which way do you think Beilein in is going to go on this? Obviously, he is the best in adjusting throughout the game, so I’m not too worried about that part. Just wondering how you guys feel our preparation will be with them


At this point there are no gimme games. stick to your defensive principles, run your offense and keep turnovers down you have a chance to win every time. Not nervous at all teams needs to play.


I’m on record as saying this is the way to go. I’m sure Simpson or whomever else defends Gray will be up for the challenge, but I’m sure Gray will still get his if he’s hitting from distance like he was last night. Sending extra guys at Gray could be the most likely way the other Cougars get going, so lets not do that too much.

Let Gray be a volume shooter while pestering him with a few different guys (to prevent foul trouble) and lock down everyone else.


It means you post really didn’t make logical sense. I agree. It’s all subjective about whether “they think they have something to lose” or if “they have a mission in front of them”. I could easily argue they had a mission after Breslin and that they had something to lose down the stretch when they scored those impressive last 3 regular season victories.


Whatever. What you said makes way less sense but rock on.

I could elaborate, but it seems pointless. It’s lost on you. I’ll at least say that they had something significant to lose in only one game of that tournament. A loss to Iowa would have been a completely different twist to the resume than anything else. But sure, you’re way more logical when you state that they have something to lose playing the #2 team in the country. Please.



Except not necessarily. Have we faced a guard at all like Gray before? I don’t know that we’ve faced anyone with his combination of size, height, and craft.

There’s a part of me that thinks he may just be too big for Z. It’s one thing to check Winston who had legs like twigs, it’s another thing to check a guy of Gray’s size and ability to impose his will.

edited to add: look forward to the video when I get home. Gray is whole other vehicle class than Edwards, to my eye, but I’ll see what Coach B says.



I don’t think anybody believes we will shut him down. If Gray wants to shoot over Z all day, I’d let him. Despite being shorter, Z has those quick hands to strip the ball when Gray tries to bring it up to shoot. If Z is in his grill, he’s probably not going to be successful shooting over him.

Best comparison I can think of is Holiday from UCLA. He had a lot of points against us. But also a lot of turnovers. Edwards too. He’s quick and strong for his size. Add a couple inches and they’re pretty similar players IMO

I imagine Gray will still put up big numbers. Nothing is going to stop that. What we need to do is make sure he does so inefficiently.


Gray is only 6-foot-1, not like he’s 6-foot-5 or anything like that.


Yeah the various sites differ but Gray is almost identical to Carsen Edwards in size from what I’ve seen. 6’1" 190 for both

Edit: upon further review their statistical profiles are pretty similar as well. Gray is a worse shooter but a better passer. Usage rates are identical.

Per 40 minutes:
Gray: 24.2 PPG, 5.5 APG, 45% FG, 35% 3FG, 6.2 3PA, 7.4 FTA
C. Edwards: 25.0 PPG, 4.1 APG, 46% FG, 41% 3FG, 8.6 3PA, 5.9 FTA

Gray: .51 eFG, 28.6% AR, 12.0% TO, 30.2 USG
C. Edwards: .56 eFG, 20.6% AR, 10.3% TO, 30.1 USG

Houston’s supporting cast scares me 1,000% times less than Purdue’s and obviously they have no Haas. I still love the matchup.


Listed at 6-1, 185 in the Houston media guide


yeah, Rob Gray is a perfect matchup type for Xavier imo. X has had problems at times with guys who can outquick him (Cowan) or who can bully him with size (Carr). Sticking in front of crafty dudes who want to take step back 2s is in X’s wheelhouse.


Is he really 24 years old? Hardly seems fair.