NCAA 2021: Michigan vs. LSU Open Thread

No Final Fours in the KenPom Ref era (2016-present), but an NIT semifinal and then three straight NIT finals.

I don’t think they were released. I wouldn’t think so though, Dirscoll is a top-20 ref on KenPom who has worked the NCAAT every year.

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OK, boys, I’ll see ya on the other side. Even if I wanted to post on the game thread I’m just WAY too intense to do that. No one can even talk to me during a game, so…See ya on the other side. GOSH, I hope it’s for a MICHIGAN VICTORY PARTY!!! Go BLUE!!!


Same starters for Michigan and LSU:



I was going through LSUs schedule to see if I could find some bad losses to make me feel better. Their losses:

@ St. Louis (bubble team)
@ Florida (7 seed)
vs. Alabama (2 seed)
@ Kentucky (ok thats bad but on the road)
vs. Texas Tech (6 seed)
@ Alabama (2 seed)
@ Georgia (Not a great loss but on the road)
@ Arkansas (3 seed)
N vs. Alabama (2 seed)

That’s not half bad.

Yeah I’m not seeing who the replacement refs are. Interestingly only 4 refs were called up to replace the 6 that had to sit out.
Que Sera, refs are what they are and teams need to adjust to their whistle

Who else is absolutely terrified? Haven’t felt this nervous for a tourney game in years. I think it’s because I’ll feel an impending sense of disappointment if we lose this early…


This is the first tournament day that I’m not drinking. That was a bad decision.

I haven’t felt like this since… our last tournament game that wasn’t against a 16 seed


Definitely terrified. Not sure why, I guess tournament games are usually nerve wracking

Hotdog! …


Really? I had absolutely no doubt that Michigan was going to steamroll Texas Tech. I never doubted it for a moment. I was absolutely flummoxed by the actual result.

Just cracked open my first brewski. Let the positivity flow.


Announcing replacement refs seems like a way to piss off whoever’s game they officiate.

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Me too. Tourney games are so heavily weighted on matchups v seeds and I’m concerned this is a bad matchup

I can’t remember the last tournament game I was comfortable going into.



I was surprised we got killed but I pretty much always have a healthy respect of any 3 team we play in the tournament. And that TTU team turned out to be tough to beat in the tournament

I was “comfortable” but not 1 vs 16 comfortable. I’m always anxious.