NCAA 2021: Michigan vs. LSU Open Thread

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Officials for Michigan listed as Jeffrey Anderson, Pat Driscoll and Rob Riley.

Anderson also did Michigan’s first game in the NCAA Tournament.

Worth noting: Pre-game list officials have been off at least once or twice this tournament.

Start off fast with hot shooting and focused d.

Not feeling great about this. Visions of dudes getting downhill and drawing fouls on Dickinson. On the other hand, can’t see them stop Dickinson if that doesn’t happen.
Also looking forward to LSU’s Rucker Park shots.

Let’s get it Juwan!!

Riley is a Big Ten ref and did three U-M games this year: at MSU, Iowa and Ball State.

My message to Franz and teammates:

F ocus on your role on the team.
R emember to have fun.
A nnoy your opponent by making difficult shots and plays.
N ever, ever, give up.
Z ig when your supposed to zig and zag when your supposed to zag.

W ill yourself to be your best self.
A bility is your best friend.
G o win this game.
N ever been a better time in your life, enjoy it.
E ver present in the now.
R emember, stay loose, concentrate, and shoot good shots.


Let’s show the world why we are the class of the B1G.


Seems like the “Z” was your toughest challenge here :rofl:


78-71 Michigan wins


LSU is tough but not invincible and UM still has plenty of talent without Livers. I’m expecting Juwan to show why he’s winning all these accolades and to put his team in a winning position.

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I think this almost certainly an L but a surge here would be absolutely amazing. Love this team, LET’S GO BLUE.

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@BigBoutros any updated line you have for us?


Yes, thanks for the ping. Some late movement here. My book is showing the line at LSU -97.


Survive and advance! Lets see Mike continue to roll and Chaundee get on track! Lets go boys!!!


Pat Driscoll spoke This year to a reffing club I’m in at school (yes I’m a nerd i know lol). Great great guy, runs a boys and girls club in syracuse…however, not a great ref hahah. Super experienced but he always makes me nervous.

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Driscoll hasn’t worked a Michigan game since the 2017-18 season; the home game with Northwestern, the inexplicable 20-point loss at Nebraska, and the Michigan @ UNC game in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. He also got two Michigan home wins in 2016-17, and a couple of games in the rather forgettable 2015-16 season.

He used to do some Big Ten games occasionally but hasn’t in a while AFAIK. Wasn’t one of the exclusive Big Ten refs.

Is he one of the 6 replacement refs for the tourney or were those names not released?