NCAA 2019: Michigan vs. Texas Tech Preview



Red Raider perspective:


All this talk about defense, watch Michigan come out like gangbusters like they did last year vs A&M.


Sweet 16 game in Southern California against a Big XII team from Texas…


Most picked M to lose both to A&M and FSU last year and what happened? M won both. The same will happen Thursday against TT. I wouldn’t bet against JB with 4 days to prepare. It’s difficult for a scout team to simulate the on ball defense of X and CM.


Texas A&M is in the SEC


OK, make that…”against a current or former Big XII team from Texas…”


Michigan is very diverse on offense and it will be a challenge for the Red Raiders to stop just one guy. I am hoping that the defense does its job and gives the offense the opportunities that it needs to move onto Saturday.


Interesting to note they think that Simpson will guard Moretti and Poole will be on Mooney. Everything here has gone with the impression that X is on Mooney and Jordan is on Moretti.


Most picked M to lose those games? We were favored in both those games, although the fact we were only favored by 2.5 over A&M is laughable.


Leonard Hamilton’s not having his team foul down four either cost or won a lot of people a lot of money.


I get the idea from reading preview that author has rarely if ever seen Michigan play.


I’ll say it like this…it makes me further appreciate the level of insight and analysis we get on this site.


Damn it, now they’re likable.


Here is another take:


It feels like the national sports media wants a Michigan loss.


Woof. That is some poor rationalization. Because Michigan scores a low amount of points per game (they dont account for pace of game e.g. PPP) and because they have been to the finals recently are just incredibly weak arguments to not have confidence in Michigan… meh


Interesting, but it sounds like a reach to me. What happens tonight, and on Saturday if we prevail tonight, has nothing to do with what has happened to past national championship runners up.

I don’t know if we’ll win tonight. I don’t care, really, about what any of the prognosticators think about who will win the game. Their opinion doesn’t matter to me at all. I just hope we play as well as we can play, that there are no injuries, and that the officials don’t try to take over the game with their whistles.

Having said that, “Win the Game!”


Reading this Texas Tech preview makes you appreciate how good we have it with UMhoops.


My game prep consists of everything written on this site, plus this…