NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Texas A&M Discussion Thread


With 30 seconds left, JB, quietly to himself on the sideline: “Alright.” I just feel gleeful about everything.


Three Elite 8 appearances in six years for Michigan and Coach Beilein. Wow. Harbaugh should be taking recruits to meet him.


Who’s got it better than us


Would love FSU in Elite 8. Would be one of the most fortunate routes to Final Four, but whatever. We had the hardest 14 seed and a 6 seed that could have been a 4.


the black mambas: mathews, maar & zavier


To everyone there, that had to be a whole lot of fun! Sure seemed like our fans were loud!

Glad you get another couple days in LA. Hope the weather clears to celebrate and enjoy tomorrow before they cut down those nets Saturday!


I could not care less how easy the draw is. Give me winnable games. John Beilien is not losing to Florida State on 2 day prep. No way. And if it were to be Loyola/Kansas State in the title game…no way.

I could be riding an incredible high right now off that game or maybe my faith in JB is just stronger than ever. But this team’s toughness and depth is unlike any other I have seen. They already got the lucky clutch shot. They’ve had the lucky good draw. Now we just gotta take care of business. And I’m more confident than ever that we will


if it’s good enough, it’s art.
that was art.


Not sure where else to post. Stu Douglass has a podcast apparently and had Zack Novak (who was at the game) on this week:


Does Mohamed work out? Dude is just wiry as hell.



Who else but Michigan could do that.


Lots of hype around TAMU’s bigs…they got run off the floor! Note to self… never give JB 4 days to prep for anyone! He finds and exploits the weakness.

Go Blue…thanks for another game!



Wow. I didn’t notice Tyler Davis was 11-17 with 24 points. He got his and we took away everything else.


Damn this team looks like it has got it’s form back. Dangerous!


How much of that was in the second half? I doubt we had a problem with them posting up and getting davis the ball on the block. Hard to do that quickly in a posession. And we would gladly trade 2s for open 3s in the other end


I’m not trying to get too far ahead of myself but the beer is cold… If this thing holds up we could have two #9 seeds and a #11 in our path to the National Title game…Whoa.


fave play of the night. slithering around davis.