NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Texas A&M Discussion Thread



Man I’m starting to feel Dakich when he says don’t rule out the NBA for MAAR. He could be great off the bench.


He has to shoot it consistently and he might have a real shot. I could see him starting out as a real solid G-League player that gets called up occasionally.


He’s become a lot more versatile. The first two years his game was basically slashing to the rim. His speed is his best asset. He sees a crease and he’s gone. Then he added shooting and defense, and now he has some vision too.
But Zavier is something else, his just deforms the defense so badly with his quickness.


Don’t discount that very last play, the little dump off to Livers. So unselfish and Livers gets a chance to see the ball go through the basket. Didn’t need him tonight, but we will in the future. Way to reward your 4 for running the floor.



I feel like Livers could play tight end or left tackle in the nfl. He’s got very quick feet for a guy his size. He’s essentially Duncan’s body guard right now. He softens everybody up so Duncan can come in and light them up.


Man, we are good


This is probably a dumb thought to even say but I really hope those posters on this board who were huge former skeptics and are no longer around are at least enjoying this run elsewhere. We are literally watching the best defense still alive in college basketball with a prototypical Beilien offense. I’m an enormous optimist and I would never have believed this was possible 3 years ago. And the 5 star talent is still a year away…


CJ leads The Victors in a dry locker room.


Well, we have our answer on Z and the zone. He put on a clinic out there tonight. Got into the paint at will instead of passing around the perimeter all night. What a game by him.


I am sure Matt has come around. He just wanted some teams that could D up and he got his wish!


Simpson looked like John Stockton out there, that D was unbelievable. The fantastic lateral quickness and straight line speed mixed with his ridiculous hands is going to be amazing for the next couple years.



We don’t need no 5* talent.



So I wrote a good 1500 words about Gonzaga this morning… Florida State f’n with my plans here.


Now that they won, apologies on my typo earlier. Meant to say Manhattan Beach up through Malibu.


It’s that kind of year…


Throughout the whole season the narrative was always that the top was a lot weaker than normal (or at least closer to the rest of the teams). While single elimination tourneys obviously have a ton of luck involved, that appears to certainly have been the case.