NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Texas A&M Discussion Thread


Do you still live here? When’s the last time you’ve been dtla? I walk everywhere at most hours and have never felt unsafe. There’s definitely a homeless, mental health and drug issue they need to address, all for the same population, but it’s no different than any other major city.


Not any longer, I stayed in the Midwest after graduating. Fam is gone now too.

I will say this, LA is unique in the fact you can be near mutli-millionaire dollar homes, or on a nice street, then go one block into a really rough area. You really have to watch what pockets you’re in.

No better example to this than the USC campus. Is the actual campus nice? Yes it is. The area, definitely not so much. (Which by the way is not too far down the road from Staples if you wanted to check USC out.)


There is no part of dtla near as dangerous as the outskirts of usc’s campus.


And I will say, if you eber get back here, check out. Best restaurants in the city or here and it’s getting better. The skyline has more construction cranes than sky scrapers. I love it.


Yeah I would say I should’ve phrased it more as downtown is just kind of dumpy instead of dangerous in most pockets.

Hopefully they win tonight! For those there, my recommendation would be to head to Manhattan Beach and drive PCH up through Malibu. Nice drive to enjoy that California feel.


am I the only one worried about our ability to finish on the break? This is not a normal team to fast break on. Carolina had breaks that those guys just swallowed up with their size. I guess finish strong - no half hearted lay ups, and maybe we really need to go for the fast break three? I know we’ll have scouted them super well

Carolina under Roy Williams has always struck me as wanting to be a high-flying, fast-breaking team. Sometimes they’ve had the horses to pull it off. Not sure if that’s the case with their current team. A & M’s NBA bigs seemed to swallow up Carolina’s breaks, and swatted those shots into the seats.

John Beilein is used to having his teams being ‘out-athleted’.

I think that’s one reason he continually emphasizes his athletes getting two feet in the paint, and finishing off of two. When athletes finish off of two, they’re generally more in control.

Shotblocking bigs are generally very willing to leave their feet. When they leave their feet, now THEY’RE out of control. Which can lead to easy shots, fouls, or both. (Like the martial artist using one’s opponent’s strengths against them.)

Notice how often Carolina tried finishing off of one foot on the break, and how often those finishes resulted in high-profile swats. Didn’t M get Tennessee bigs in foul trouble in 2014? Throw in a couple of drawn offensive fouls, and…

Texas A & M looks like much less imposing with their NBA bigs sitting on the bench. I’m hoping M’s two-feet in the paint emphasis pays off big time tonight!


Sorry for changing the subject on everyone with my responses. This will be my last one!

But yeah speaking of food, I would love to get back to the more hole in the walls of Philipes or Tito’s. Old school spots ha.


Any recos on good eating/drinking spots around down here? Probably more relevant if Michigan wins tonight at this point.


Modern times just opened up a location down there if you want a top-of-the-line brewpub ($$). Mikkeller as well. Badmaash is awesome fast casual fusion-Indian. Grand Central Market is full of great places, the famous one is Eggslut (egg+biscuit sandwiches) but there’s good ramen, tacos, coffee, beer etc. etc. there. Even the Whole Foods on 6th has a nice bar and TV setup where you can eat well if you’re tired of the greasebombs.

There’s so much more, too! But those are my favorites.

And then there’s the museums…


Great info, thanks!



Maybe not seedy, definitely not a great neighborhood. I’m a New Yorker, I know a place where you better be on your toes, this is one of those.



Definitely agree about the finishing off of one foot. Haven’t seen us be great at pump faking to draw the foul near the hoop. Hope we have a great plan!


Argh, so it turns out I have one extra for today’s game. Great seats, too - anyone have any ideas?


@umhoops Dylan, if you get in early could you give us a heads up about indoor temps?

Also, it looks like you can bring an umbrella to the Staples Center?


Maybe I am being way too simplistic but this game seems pretty easy to breakdown. Make outside shots and don’t get killed on the defensive glass. I have faith that Michigan will eliminate the transition game that hurt unc and I feel pretty good about michigans ability to defend on the initial shot. I also believe Michigan is going to have a lot of issues scoring at the rim.

So in order for Michigan to win, they have to make outside shots and keep Texas a&m from playing volleyball on the boards.

Simpson and rahkman both need to have big games, both hitting threes and getting those long and loose rebounds.


Actually kind of humid, my son says, inside the arena. Also YES, he’s sure you can take your umbrella in. When I talked to him earlier today, he said you would be really disappointed with the weather. I know it’s been raining like crazy! Cheer loud and PROUD! Go Blue!!!


We got this.


I called the blowout. Book it.


NEVER A DOUBT! Great matchup 5 days ago, great matchup when it mattered. GO SEMINOLES