NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Texas A&M Discussion Thread


Yeah man, I just think they are being way overhyped by the national media. We could obviously lose but they really don’t have THAT crazy of strengths. Their size isn’t so overwhelming that it’s indominitable. These aren’t the Decker-Hayes-Kaminsky Wisconsin teams. Hogg could be 6’2" and he’d basically be the same player, lol.

This feels more like a 70-30 game than a 50-50.


If we don’t shoot well, it’ll be another tough slog like the Houston game. Toss up. If we shoot better than we did last weekend, I’m fairly confident in a good result for us.


I think the good guys just need to hit their open shots from distance. They should get them whether via ball screens or drive and kicks. Make the defense play further away from the basket than they want, open up the middle despite their shot blockers.


I watched their 3/3 Alabama game and was totally unimpressed. The announcer made the comment that whoever gets the upper hand in transition would win the game. I think that’s an obvious advantage for us. Their half-court offense is pedestrian. DJ Hogg doesn’t work that hard, isn’t that athletic and will get locked down by Matthews. On the other end, Matthews needs to exercise good judgment on his drives and pass out when need be, rather than turn it over in the lane, as he is apt to do. He will have a clear quickness advantage over Hogg.
Stark is no good in the half-court. He did most of his damage in transition and his few blow-byes were on unsettled semi-transition mismatches on bigger dudes. I think X can deal with him.
Moe needs to come ready to play. If he does, we can blow them out. This is a good game to trade 2’s for 3’s.


Many thanks - that would be super helpful


Practice was only open for 15 minutes yesterday and didn’t really get a sense of temperature. I agree that the Garden was freezing.

No idea when doors open to the public, probably says on the ticket or something.


I’ll be curious to see what that crowd is like at tip. 4:30 in LA, that usually means sparse and stuck in traffic


If you assume that Gonzaga will have the biggest crowd, then usually the first game will get pretty packed in the second half.

Michigan’s games in Wichita were particularly dead because it played after Kansas, not before. IMO.


My hotel is in a seedy part of downtown LA, but I’m 16 blocks from the Staples Center, so I think it shouldn’t be too hard to get there, at least for my part…


That’s what I remember being called out last year. The flow of the game was off and a bit weird for that first half against Oregon. I have no doubt Michigan fans will be there in full force, but yes the Gonzaga section will be wide open


Yep. If you’re right about the Gonzaga crowd, that would make it a late filling in arena.

And one wonders if they’d be pulling hard for A&M if it’s tight in the 2nd or would have decided after the Carolina game that they’re more scared of them.


Still! Prepare to leave early! Travel in LA, even the roads is no fun


Wow, gameday already! This should be a good one! I really think playing late hurt the team last week. Intermal clocks are way off when you start at 10:00 EST. MAAR did not have his legs last week…looking for a refreshed team tonight clicking on all cylinders!

Go Blue!


My son told me it tends to get chilly in the arena, more so for hockey than basketball, however. Sweatshirt or sweater for sure. Doors open at 3:07.



Which hotel? I live dtla and can’t think of one in a seedy area.


The way everyone talked about DTLA when we found out Michigan was heading here, I expected much worse. Seems pretty nice down here other than the fact that it is more of a business district.


I’ve lived here 4 years after 6 years in Santa Monica. Moving back to Santa Monica next week and will miss living here.


Ah man Dylan, I grew up in LA. I will tell you there are some bad areas. You must be in a spot that’s not the worst.

With that said, they really built up the LA Live area by Staples. That’s a fun little spot nowadays.


@therealmirman Will you bring a poster that says Moe Wagner Moe Problems (for A&M)