NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Texas A&M Discussion Thread


Any precursory thoughts on Florida State matchup wise if they can hold out here? I’ve hardly seen them this year.


Not pretty in the ACC.


Good offensive rebounding.


I officially fess up as a worrier. Great call by everyone that they are slow on their closeouts. Way too slow.

That may have been the most beautiful basketball I’ve ever seen in person. And wow, did we defend. The team from the BTT was back and you could tell it in the first minutes.

It was glorious.

And yes, we were loud.


My son said the sound, listening from his office near the arena, was explosive every time Michigan scored. He went into the arena a few times, said it was rockin’ in there! He’s a better man than I am. Work or not, I’d have been in that arena all NIGHT! Go BLUE!!!


any tech saavy wolverines out there who can put together tears of opposing coaches…greatest hits edition? lol.

The most satisfying part of a win like this is hearing opposing coaches lament their fate against the great JB.

“they just don’t take bad shots” - Montana coach

“just picked us apart…buzzsaw” - Billy Kennedy

“weird guys hitting shots” -Izzo

“unguardable” - Myles/Turgeon/ countless others


Kelvin Sampson deserves special mention, perhaps even his own video…


“The better team didn’t win”


“they just don’t take bad shots” - Montana coach

I love this quote. I think one of the hallmarks of winning basketball is to take only very easy shots. To be a fan of a team that’s really playing this way is so much fun!


Pair this with TAMU’s unstoppable guard and have a good yuck.


@wolverheel that solid Ibi shift/minutes was spoken into existence by you. Kudos.


After a rough season of takes last year I will very much welcome the new “might actually know something” version of me.

Also, is it just me or were the refs for our game pretty great besides a couple wtf calls?


After dropping my grand daughter off at school, I just spent the last hour and a half watching video and soaking in the incredible warmth and gratitude one gets from listening to these wonderful kids and our truly outstanding, deep thinking, kind, and humble coach. Just listening to these kids and Coach B warms my heart. Charles sounds more confident, still humble, but CONFIDENT, than I have ever heard him. And why not, this is the Charles, the way he played last night, that many of us have always known he is. Moe and MAAR are having SO much fun. I just love their smiles, and their love for each other, and all of their teammates. Duncan is just such a smart kid. Wow! And to think, he may only be the second smartest young man on the team after C.J. Baird! Wasn’t that THREE somethin’ last night!?! Z…oh my, he truly is a bulldog. He doesn’t care what people say, at least outwardly. What was that Starks said? Son, don’t say you’re unguardable, not if you haven’t met Zavier Simpson, yet, not if you haven’t been guarded by Z, yet! And Z doesn’t care, he just plays…his…HEART…OUT! He just wants to win! I love these kids, and I love the culture Coach B has brought to Michigan. I LOVE the MICHIGAN brand, and I love hearing the players and Coach B talk about it. One last thing…at the Press Conference…when the guy asked Coach B what’s special about him and the assistants that they have been able to do what’ve they’ve done over the past six years. It was coming out of my mouth before Coach B said it…“We’ve got really good players.” You know what? We do! We’ve got really good players…and a great coach! It’s GREAT to be a Michigan Wolverine! Go BLUE!!!


I agree. Texas A&M was looking to draw fouls in that first half and they let them play. I don’t think they let contact go either, I think they just were plain doing a good job reffing the game and calling it true.



So happy for Simmons, who never got to play in the tournament. What a ride he is getting. And happy for Duncan and Rahk, who almost saw their careers end in Kansas. Play on, young men.


D-Wade showing some love


What is this site that you are linking? I have never heard of it… is there an actual blog portion to this discussion board!?!


LOL. Was supposed to be Five Key Plays. Long days and hours starting to add up.


Somehow, thanks to the basketball gods (maybe in repayment for getting scammed for a UMD away ticket), I lucked into row 3 center court yesterday.

If you remember the Wagner jumpball, I saw the ref in the FSU preview picture come up to coach B right afterwards telling him to pull Mo out because he was going to call something on him. Coach B pulls him out, tells him to stop doing/change something.

Never seen anything like that, saving a call on a player…

Thought they missed a couple of goaltends (ball was still on rim), and the JP(?) block/charge.