NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Texas A&M Discussion Thread


While watching the KSU-Kentucky game, I was certainly glad we didn’t get those refs. Woof.

A few missed calls here and there on both sides, but that was our best officiated game of the tournament so far IMO.


These are all good, and eggslut is worth the hype, but there will be a bit of a line, just so you know. Belcampo is also super legit in grand central market.

I’ll also add:
Stocking frame-Really good food and cool atmosphere.
Shake shack just opened at 8th and Hill, worth the hype also, don’t sleep on their fried chicken sandwich.
Perch is the best rooftop dtla and they have a good happy hour. This is now an option that the rain has passed.
Phillipes and Coles are famous for their French dips and are equally as good IMO. Get the lamb of you go to Coles.
Birdies has phenomenal fried chicken and donuts.
Factory kitchen is the best Italian dtla, imo (haven’t been to bestia yet). It’s in the arts district.
Arts district brewery and Angel city brewery also have great beer and cool atmosphere.
Broken Spanish right by L.A. live is super legit.
Langers deli on Alvarado is the best pastrami in L.A…
Little sister on 7th is one of the best restaurants here as well.
Jalen rose loves to hang out at takami, really cool place.

All except phillipes, langers and the arts district are walking distance if you’re staying dtla.


Also, no offense, but that’s not dtla. That is a weird area tho.


[quote=“silverblue, post:214, topic:3561, full:true”]Z…oh my, he truly is a bulldog. He doesn’t care what people say, at least outwardly… don’t say you’re unguardable, not if you haven’t met Zavier Simpson, yet, not if you haven’t been guarded by Z, yet! And Z doesn’t care, he just plays…his…HEART…OUT!
Love your enthusiasm @silverblue. This particular line reminded me of that honey badger video.


Pretty much no question in my mind the charge on JP was the wrong call. I watched it several times on replay, but I might be biased. Sometimes those are tough calls, but I didn’t think that one was that tough. It was a charge, at least that’s what I thought. I saw the two goaltends, too, but when I watched the replays I pretty much thought the ball was off the rim on one of them, the second one I think. I love that the ref spoke to JB about the Moe situation. I know they sometimes talk to players, though not always, but I appreciate that he talked to JB so he could, I think, in this case, calm Moe down. I was concerned with all the calls against Duncan guarding down low, cause frankly I didn’t see them. How is Duncan supposed to guard that horse! The Moe call where he bodied the guy was actually probably a good call, but he sure kept his hands off. Perhaps the tennis ball drill helped Moe not to use his hands but to be too aggressive with his body. But again how are you supposed to guard the guy! :grinning: I DID think it was a very well officiated game overall, when I say that, it must have been 'cause I can be pretty critical of officials! My own son once answered the phone with, “Dad, if all you’re going to do is complain about the officials, I’m not gonna answer the phone again!” :rofl:


I read this and love it…

Michigan had an elaborate plan to try to stop the Aggies’ post players with double teams.

But after taking the lead, they scrapped that plan.They decided to try to give up points in the paint and stop 3-point shots.That’s a subtle adjustment, but it sheds a little light into how Beilein is so flexible.

“Analytically, they were down by a lot,” Beilein said. “Twos probably aren’t going to beat you.”


At some during the second half, CM took over and showed what he is capable of and it was really really really good !


When under control, the man is very hard to stop. All you’ve got to do is ask Irvin, who had to guard him last year and had no chance of doing so for two months :grin:


No signs allowed in The Staples Center lol


Is this Zack Novak?


Yes, with Rich Eisen behind him


Line has dropped from M -4.5 to 3.5, despite 67% of bets placed on Michigan… means sharp money is likely on FSU.


Hamilton is 5-1 in the tournament as a lower seed. That’s probably driving the “sharps” to overbet them. What they miss is that none of those games came against Michigan…


Pretty shocked that the smart money would be going FSU. I guess maybe it’s a reaction to the public highly valuing them?


Well, I guess FSU did cover that 4.5 spread.