NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Florida State Discussion Thread


Scrapped the 1-3-1 late last season?? Where would that even come from? Like they just noticed 10 years late and figured we must’ve made the switch then?


I was scanning an MSU blog recently and they, too, were convinced that we were a zone team. I guess people don’t believe their own lyin’ eyes.


most of those “national” writers know nothing. Writers that follow a team knows much more about his/her team and their main rivals.


We all know that Sparty fans are not the smartest and I don’t blame them. Even their HOF coach was dumbfounded when he saw a real zone team.


Agree 100%… That’s why I love this board…Dylan and his team do a great job! Which in turn attract knowledgeable followers!

Go Blue!


If it is our half-court offense against theirs, I like our chance a lot. I think that they might put out some full-court press trapping against us, to take advantage of their depth and force the tempo


Sam and Ira today were just railing on national writers, and national broadcast analysts who continually prove how dumb they are!


Us being a zone team is why we beat MSU twice this year, remember?


I thought that A&M’s best game plan last night meant benching Davis–something they didn’t do. Question becomes whether FSU will play small and leaver their Ents on the bench in favor of putting a dynamic D on the floor that can switch everything/defend 5 out. This could give us issues.


If I’m not mistaken their ‘small team’ is their starters. The story has been that the second team scores more than the first team. I don’t know how much juggling Hamilton can do in one day. That’s a team that’s just finding itself, its identify, late in the game. Unlike a lot of people, I have some admiration for what Hamilton accomplishes in this football town; like Beilein, he has his own idea of what brings success (his own NBA model that I think is now somewhat outmoded); but for some stretch almost every year his teams play breathtaking hoop. We’re the better squad, but you can always get caught flat.


When was the last game we ran the 1-3-1? Did we run it at all in 2016?


I think the last time we ran it regularly was around the C.J. Lee era. (He was the guy on the baseline, I think?) I know we tried it as a rare change of pace after that but even that was a few years back now.


I have very vivid memories of Caris being the head of the 1-3-1 with Spike/Walton as the baseline player in the paint. But yeah, it was always change of pace.


I tend to think that teams that need to run in transition are good matchups for us, as are teams that need to force turnovers.

I also think teams that play 2 bigs at a time are good matchups.

So…I like this.


Davis’ presence was certainly the weak point of their defense, and the biggest reason we put up 99.

I wonder how many they’d have scored without him though.

As I said all week - he reminds me of Nick Ward - and Ward couldn’t play against us.



I just watched a 20-minute extended highlight of the FSU-X game from the round of 32. Seemed like FSU’s defense was very aggressive and they pressed on a decent number of possessions. In the half court, there was a good amount of overhelping and hard stunting at drivers, which is why they probably give up a good share of threes. We will get some open looks if we are strong with the ball. Gotta nail em. @umhoops, I didn’t see mention of their press in the preview articles. Any way you could provide some info on the % of possess they press and its effectiveness?


On offense, what stood out to me was their ability to attack downhill. They have some really strong drivers in both the half court and in transition that may pose some challenges. And when we send help from the 5 position, they have those guys with crazy wingspans to grab the board and go back up.


Seems like they have upped the pressure on their D in the tournament. Huge key to this game is how we handle pressure – don’t turn the ball over and then punish their aggression.


Nice article about FSU’s recent surge.