NBA Talk & Open Thread


His insecurity came from knowing he would never get the bulk of the credit for it (rightfully so) because Hinkie built it.


Would love people’s opinions on a debate we’re having at work… 5 years from now, who will be considered the better player: Luke Kennard or Kevin Heurter? (And no, this was not meant to be a “let’s compare white players” debate!)

Seriously don’t need too much elaboration if you don’t care or have time, but would love some “votes”!


Kennard. I think Kennard is going to be a pretty darn good player in the league. It’s unfortunate for him that he will always be compared to Mitchell.


Same archetype but Kennard was much better in college. So idk why it wouldn’t be Kennard


I think Kennard…but i don’t have any faith in the Pistons to maximize his potential and I think the Hawks might give Heurter a real chance to shine especially if Trae Young is the real deal


Huerter. Think he’s got more of an all around game and higher BBIQ.


I honestly think the two will be similar enough it doesn’t matter. Similar sizes, similar games. Both fine supporting pieces.

Now if you toss Donovan Mitchell in…


I agree with this sentiment he can get where he wants on the court and can shoot for days.



Wow! Good for him. Denver didn’t seem like the type of team to have many open spots, but maybe Mudiay leaving gave him an opening.


I loved him in college