NBA Talk & Open Thread

I know lots of pistons fans on here ( or I assume) didn’t see much talk about van gundys ouster. I actually fell like I’m good at predicting players and I have to say I liked van gundys moves for the most part and I’m surprised they haven’t done better.

I’m not a piston fan although I root for them on the side a lot. I’m pretty baffled for instance about Stanley Johnson . I loved the pick and I loved him as a player. I thought he’d develop into at worst a very good third option on a good team with potential to be a cornerstone.

I also loved the Ellenson pick. I thought he was asleeper and could turn into a good player. He still might. Very young and not much of a chance yet. He had some nice numbers down the stretch when he finally got 25-32 minutes so maybe there’s hope.

I’m not as high on kennard but I’d have to look at who went after him.

Finally trading for Blake I thought was a great move considering what they gave up. Now I don’t think Blake is a franchise player who wins you titles as a main guy but he could be an elite side kick particularly in the east. I thought it was worth the gamble for sure. Kinda perplexed at how they fell they should have pushed for Rubio harder. I think he’s the pg they needed and could get to right the ship. What are your thoughts? Any other nba musings? Again the nba off-season is far mOre interesting then the predictable seasons and it’s coming upon us.

Pistons are going to be awful for a long time! No draft picks and no cap room with players that are way too expensive and don’t stay healthy (Griffin & Jackson) and a center from an era of basketball that doesn’t work anymore in the NBA.

Look no further than 1 pick later…Donovan Mitchell. I think that pick is what cost SVG his opportunity to continue to run the entire show.

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I to, am surprised by Stanley Johnson’s inability to cement a place in the rotation. I loved the pick. The kid has a great work ethic and plays with effort every time on the floor. He’s been good on the defensive end, but his offense has been awful. He just tried to do too much at times. I’m wondering if a new coach will be able to unlock a bit more from him. He will be 22 in May, so it’s not like he’s done developing. But he seems like the kind of player that will leave Detroit and then we’ll be regretting how he turned into a good player.

Ellenson looks lost and outmatched on the floor. I don’t have much hope for him. It’s hard to draft outside the lottery.

As for Mitchell/Kennard, I’m not as pissed about that pick as some. Kennard looks like he can be a solid rotation player. Which if you’re picking in the late lottery, you’re fine with long term. Every player can’t be a superstar. And Mitchell went 13th overall and was the 8th backcourt player taken. Which means 7 other teams saw a need for a backcourt player and passed on him. It’s not like he was widely considered a top 10 pick and the Pistons blew it. Based on 20/20 vision, Mitchell would be no worse than the third pick in the draft if it was redone today. SVG missing on Mitchell is just compounded by the fact that none of his picks seem to be working out. He’s had 3 top 20 picks. We have 0 sure things from those picks.

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I think this is the nail on the head. I didn’t mean to imply that I (or everyone else) foresaw Mitchell being that much better than Kennard. It was just the last straw and the timing of watching Mitchell blow up in postseason and SVG being asked to relinquish some of the GM duties was not coincidental, in my opinion.

I agree with you, I think Stanley and Kennard have NBA futures. I just have no clue on Ellenson, but the optics are bad so far.

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I follow the Pistons/NBA with a VERY passive interest, but what’s stood out for me is that the Pistons need more shooters on the roster. The Kennard pick looks worse with hindsight than it actually is I think. You had Bullock and Tolliver, both very good shooters and fine players, but realistically you need more quality out of those players that you’re surrounding two big men who can’t shoot from outside (with regular successful consistency in Blake’s case). Kennard was an obvious look into that problem. In terms of the team as a whole, you have at least two more years of your top three players, I think you can at least give it a go in making a run at getting to the playoffs, but that core isn’t going to take you super deep I don’t think and no draft pick especially this year is a real disappointment for that team next year.

I know it won’t be a popular take but I bet at the end of their careers Kennard will have had a better one than Mitchell. Don’t get me wrong, Mitchell has surprised the heck out of me and he’s a stud. But I think that A: Luke will develop into something better than a Redick/Korver type and B: the style of play for Mitchell will wear on his body and become an issue.

Whoever the next coach is needs to create an offense with Dre at the point of attack with Reggie in pnr action, Blake flashing through the baseline to high post to corner and then surround them with shooters.

They also need to go for a shooting point guard in the second (assuming we don’t keep the first). Someone like Devonte Graham (Kansas) for instance.

We’ll be a playoff team next year if Reggie and Blake stay healthy.

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I actually agree with you on Kennard. His ball handling is good and he’s crafty around the basket. SVG doesn’t like to play young guys which explains the lack of total production even though his advanced stats are ok. It is my personal belief that he could have several seasons being efficient and averaging 18 ppg as an efficient scorer.

They need to get rid of Drummond. Been saying it for 3 years. Cant score on his own. Cant hit free throws.

Stanley is what he is…just a guy.
Kennard is a valuable piece to have off the bench but he doesn’t look like starter material.
Ellenson I loved as a pick when we took him but he looks lost.
Jackson can’t stay healthy.

Roster has a TON of problems (hot take I know).

That is a HOT take… Mitchell is widely considered a future All-Star. I’m not even down on Kennard by any means – he had a very solid rookie year – but Mitchell is special already.


Mitchell scored more points by himself in the 3rd quarter of Game 5 of the Houston series than Kennard had in any game all year.

It’s also hilarious to think that Donovan Mitchell was on that Louisville team we beat in the round of 32. I was not scared of him at all


Yeah. I think he had a decent game against us but he was hardly a star at that point.

Final season FT %

Drummond .605
Simpson .516


LOL. indeed.

Oh I agree that if you compare them now it’s not a contest but after watching Mitchell I really don’t think there is anyway he’ll be able to hold up with what he’s doing. Talented kid, not trying to knock him but I’m talking total career here. Time will tell.

That’s mean!

The big miss was Stanley, always thought Bookers game would translate better to the NBA and it sure seems that way now.

I’m a suns fan and loved the booker pick. Still has Stanley fallen I would have been thrilled. Do the pistons own their pick? Very good draft.

Only if it’s top 3, traded it in the Blake Griffin trade

Dwayne Casey fired by Toronto. I’d take him in a heartbeat. Trouble is, we need a president and GM first. Think Milwaukee might snatch him up. I’d have liked a look at David Fizdale as well, but the Knicks snatched him up.

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