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I can’t agree there. It really depends on the definition I guess. Id give more out and many on the brink. I’d say Anyone in the top 15 is a superstar for the most part.


at least, if were super picky


Westbrook is tricky for me. He’s obviously a superb player, but I think his style in today’s NBA actively prevents his team from succeeding at the level that they should. If he comes around 30 years ago we’re probably talking about something on an MJ level.


How does Westbrook’s style differ from Harden’s?


The real question on the list is Durant. Can he carry a team without Curry or Westbrook? I agree that he is a superstar but the above question is also super valid.


I mean both have pretty outrageous outfits but Russ’s are on a whole different level


Really? Durant is the second best player in the world. He isn’t the player to question on that list.


In the context of wolverheel’s comments on Westbrook, it is totally legit to ask if KD is capable of carrying his team to success, regardless of his capability as an individual player

I would argue that on slyboogie2’s list, Durant is the only one who cannot claim to be the most important player on his team, not right now in GS, and was not in OKC, even he is easily the most talented.


Disagree. What has Westbrook shown he can do without Durant? He puts up numbers, but loses in the first round every year.

What did Harden show he could win before CP3 joined him? And they still aren’t going to beat Golden State.

Hell, even the best player in the world hasn’t won without other stars on his team like Wade, Bosh, Kyrie, Love, etc.

So that’s why I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. So KD has always played with other stars… So have the other superstars and the ones that haven’t, haven’t won anything. KD is currently better than everyone in the world not named Lebron.

Also, disagree that KD isn’t most important on GS. I think Houston would beat GS this year if they didn’t have KD, but GS can still beat them without Curry (he hasn’t played that great offensively in the first two games and Houston attacks him on the defensive end). KD is an elite defender in addition to his elite scoring ability.


While I love the comment from DeAngelo on this I’ll answer. The beard has more ability to make a team better. Russ is just a beast who gets his. I understand he gets assists but most of it is a byproduct of his attacking to get his own. Almost as if it’s incidental. Whereas in this offense Harden is a facilitator as much as a scoring weapon.

For the record though, I’d set time aside to watch an OKC game to see Russ. He’s a marvel to watch. I hate watching Harden play no matter how effective he is.


it is hard to even imagine that Harden and Westbrook used to be on the same team … with KD. Three superstars, never won anything together …


It’s not the style that differs but rather the results of his team.


I forgot that the season before the Harden trade, OKC went to the Final

had the trade never happened, maybe both Harden and Westbrook would’ve won a championship, and KD would’ve not left.


If memory serves, Harden was 6th man on those team…one of the reasons he left was to step out of the shadows. Ibaka, even though not on that level kinda left for the same reason


Harden and Ibaka both got traded. The Thunder traded him for cap reasons, but they could have made it work.


Durant proved he was one of the elite players in the NBA with his performance in the 2010 FIBA World Championship. He carried that team on his back and was head and shoulders the best player in the tournament.


It sure seems that this could be one of the deepest drafts in some time, so wondering if the Pistons elect to buy some 2nd round picks and develop some talent?


Knowing them they’ll trade some future 1s if they add any current 2s.


Bryan Colangelo :skull_and_crossbones:️:skull_and_crossbones:️:skull_and_crossbones:️


Dude could be GM of a very good team for a long time and be remembered for it. Instead he gets insecure and becomes a moron.