NBA Summer League 2021 Open Thread



The Wizards vs Pacers game got cancelled I believe due to COVID. Hopefully none others are affected.

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Jalen Johnson with a nice debut for the Hawks 20 points 10 boards 8-12 shooting

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Jalen Green looks really good. Him, KPJ and wood is a solid core

Josh Christopher looking pretty good. All these youngsters on both sides have shown good flashes. Okoro looks a bit better offensively. Green is a flat out bucket, Mobley has some crazy flashes and Christopher has been solid as well.


Sure seems like there’s a pretty clear mentality difference between Green and Mobley

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Luka Garza takeover!


Dude looks tiny now.


That’s been Mobley’s most frequently cited question right? His basic level of aggression.

Green is a bucket and he knows it, you can tell he’s spent a decade just busting everyone he steps on a court with.


Yeah I’m not sure whether it matters or not but there were more than a few times that Mobley caught the ball in obvious iso spots and just he passed out. He needs those reps and the next guy up after you make that pass isn’t more advantaged than he would be. Just go for it!

Cade deferring a lot too but for some reason I care less other than it’s less entertaining to see Tyler Cook, uh, cook.

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After watching Luka Garza tonight in his first summer league action I’m putting the floor of his career as a hall of famer and his ceiling as the greatest of all time. Nothing more nothing less.


Luka pounding his chest every bucket inside and putting up the 3 every jumper in summer league is hilarious

I’m not sure how the eligibility works but I’d love to see Luka playing for Slovenia internationally

Luka just gave up 7 easy ones on D in 3 possessions😬


Luka is of Bosnian heritage, not Slovenian


His uncle is the all time leading scorer for the Slovenian national team. They were just talking about it. But you’re right his mom is from Bosnia so he’s probably only eligible there or US but I’m not 100% sure


Cook has been so bad at doing anything with these lobs from Cade.


Suuuper frustrating to have him at the 5 for Cade PnR. Blech. Good to see Cade running more offense tho.

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Detroit 100% wins this game and Cade would be flirting with a double double if Cook’s hands were even adequate. Rebounding for Detroit as a team also killer.

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I watched a summer league game tip to finish. Not sure how I feel about that. I think I feel like a Killian 3 - no one knows where it’s ending up.


I swear he was pretty good at converting lobs just 3 months ago. Tonight wasn’t it, though. He had Hands of Kwame.

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