NBA Playoffs Thread


Doesn’t matter if he meant to hit him in the nuts or not. He did intend to hit/smack/swipe at/w/e toward Lebron. Physical contact was intended I don’t really see how that’s debatable. Suspension deserved.


LeBron’s d*ck was on Green’s forehead. What is Green supposed to do? Stand their and take it? This series needs to end Monday.


He’s supposed to keep his cool and not respond with his own cheap shot. Then he wouldn’t be suspended.


What Green did is not a cheap shot, more like a love tap. What LeBron did seemed more malicious.


I guess we have different standards for what is appropriate behavior. Lebron received a technical as well, and I certainly don’t condone his actions. But they don’t excuse Draymond’s. Be upset that he wasn’t suspended earlier, be upset that Lebron didn’t get what he deserved either, but you can’t be upset with Draymond getting a flagrant 1 IMO.


If this wasn’t the third “love tap” to someone’s groin the his last ten games, he might have received a different ruling. It’s like my father said about someone he knew who had been divorced four times–he has a reasonable or innocent explanation for all of them, but when someone is consistently involved in things to an extent way beyond what happens to others, it’s on him.


At least this series is giving us one good game. High level right now.


GSW missed a lot of open shots in the second half. Though they did still shoot a solid percentage from deep overall so I guess it’s hard to complain if you’re them. Kyrie and Lebron went off tonight though. Nice of Kyrie to finally show up.

Will be interesting what the results are with Bogut. Warriors responded big time in Game 4, I imagine they will do the same in game 6.


They took a hell of a shot from GS in the first half though. Klay was on fire but the Cavs answered every time.

Kyrie was just ridiculous and LeBron hit the jumpers they needed to win. Others will have to play better at home if they want to take it back to Cali though.


Yeah, that’s too much to ask for them to repeat that for two more games. Whether it’s in 6 or 7, I’m still having a hard time seeing GS losing this series


If it was not clear before then it’s very clear now Draymond Green is the most important player on that GSW team and leader of that team. Cleveland did what they were supposed to do tonight, beat a short-handed GSW team.


Glad Cleveland is making this a series even if its still pretty long odds. Amazing games by Bron and Kyrie. Amazing how Love is basically sub-replacement, even without Bogut or Draymond playing. Him/JR/Shump/Delly all probably worse than the 8th guy on the GSW roster from an RPM standpoint.


I think with how hot Irving and lebron were from deep and how many open threes warriors missed that cavs take that either way


Defensively as a team GSW was terrible and defensively everything they do starts with Draymond Greens ability to guard multiple positions. Offensively he was definitely missed as well, Harrison Barnes got alot of the touches offensively Draymond would have gotten and Barnes was bad tonight. They missed his playmaking on both sides, would it have made a difference with the way Kyrie and LeBron went off? Maybe, maybe not.


So what’s the call for game 6? Cavs have a chance with Draymond back?


Cavs should win at home, but GSW has only lost back to back games once this year and that was to OKC. This seems like a tossup.


Warriors close it out in Cleveland, just like last year.


Kyrie and Lebron will both have to play top-notch games (or one plus one of those random JR Smith goes off games). I’d guess Warriors win but I’m not super-confident.


I’ve had a hard time calling these playoffs when normally it’s easy. Really thought the Spurs would do it. I thought the series would go 7 so I’m sticking with cavs. Kyrie has bee real hot minus the game four fourth quarter lately. If he is hot again I think they do it


Draymond being back is enormous for the Warriors’ defense and I really think the Bogut absence will help Golden State (indirectly). He was only playing about 12 minutes per game, but I think it’ll force Kerr to start the ‘Death Lineup’ with Green at center. That lineup has been largely successful this series, especially with Love performing quite terribly. The Warriors should only play a true center (Ezeli, Speights, or Varejao) when either Kyrie or Lebron is off the court. I think they close it out and win the championship tonight.