NBA Playoffs Thread


Looks like only one team came to play tonight


It’s a shame, I REALLY don’t want to see Cleveland win a championship. A happy Cavalier fan is generally a happy Buckeye fan. Let’s hope the Warriors don’t choke at home.


And in an effort to add some content to this post:

Edit: Also imagine for a second if LeBron (or pretty much any other top player not named Curry) was performing poorly in the Finals, fouled out, threw his mouthguard at a fan in frustration, got ejected, and then his wife tweeted that the NBA is rigged. Please just take a moment to imagine the media’s response if it wasn’t the babyfaced guy and his high school sweetheart.


2-4 in the NBA Finals…about to be 2-5. He does everything, with the exception of the only thing that matters - winning. Wonder if he’ll cry again lol. CASE CLOSED


Thought this series would end in 5, a ridiculous suspension combined with great play from LeBron and Kyrie stopped that from happening. Regardless of his finals record, LBJ is an all time great. 4 MVP awards, 6 straight finals appearances, along with 2 titles. I would not write the Cavs off on Sunday, all the pressure is now on GSW to close it out at home. LeBron is in a zone right now, going to be tough to slow him down Sunday.


I think he’s probably top 10-15 at this point, but to label him the greatest of all time is a joke to be honest. For all the talk of him making his teammates better, to be 2-4 and potentially 2-5 in the Finals is pretty strong evidence to suggest otherwise IMO.


Don’t really have a dog in this fight (well, other than logic) and don’t like Cleveland, but how can you simply point to his finals record and conclude that he doesn’t make players around him better? Outside of the that first Miami team, his teams just weren’t that talented.


I hate Draymond 1000x’s more than LeBron. Go Cavs!


I never said he didn’t make teammates better, what I did say is that in the context of him being the greatest of all time he doesn’t make his teammates good enough to win championships at even an average rate. You can make your teams better during the regular season, to what extent is debatable, as the East has been an absolute joke for the better par of 10 years at this point. Also, you basically prove my point - you say his teams just weren’t that talented. Well, if he’s so good at making teammates better, how come they don’t look all that talented? Its a doubled edged sword - can’t have it both ways. Can’t say he makes teammates better while at the same time saying he lacks surrounding talent.

I’ll also add this, Kobe won championships in 09 and 10with less talent in relation to Miami in a MUCH tougher conference. That to me is making teammates better - winning.


What do you mean “first Miami team”? The one that lost to Dallas in the Finals? It was essentially the same core group his entire time in Miami, and they added Ray Allen after his second season there. I think the Miami teams were far superior to his Cleveland teams for roster spots 1-13 (or however many are on the active roster), but that’s mostly a function of Miami having a good front office and Cleveland letting Lebron just ask his buddies to join him in Cleveland for his second stint there.


His first Miami team (his only team in Miami that lost in the finals) was talented. That’s why I said “Outside his first Miami team…”


Ok, you’re just speaking of his teams that have lost. Gotcha.

The one that lost to San Antonio was still pretty good though.


I am generally a Lebron hater. Respect the heck out of him and recognize how incredible he is as a player, but just do not like him (combination of him being entitled, self-absorbed off the court, and a whiner). Nonetheless, it is disingenuous to say he is top 10-15 all-time. You can’t talk about his record of being 2-4 in the Finals without mentioning that he has been favored to win the Finals twice… and won both of those times. Some of his supporting casts have been quite bad. People give him crap about being 2-4 in the Finals, but it is quite an accomplishment to have made it to that stage in 6 consecutive seasons.


Its not disingenuous in my opinion. I’ve provided an example (Kobe) of a player with less talent and more results. If you are in the conversation among some as the greatest player of all time, then your legacy is defined by moments that truly matter in my opinion. And during those moments, his teams have come up short. If you want to say he’s a great regular season player, so be it, no debate from me. But if that were the ultimate criteria for greatness, the Big O is hands down the greatest player to ever live in my opinion.


No one but children think he’s the best of all time. Don’t let the idiots change the truth and narrative. He’s top ten. Potential to move up over next few years. I told everyone this was going 7. I’m sticking with my cavs pick but it’s tough because 3 in a row plus the game 7 at warriors is tough. I was hoping it would go back and forth. Irving needs to stay hot.

If Irving and jr put up points and Thompson keeps working I don’t think the Warriors can win. Particularly if lebron plays like he did last game. One of the most dominant performances I’ve seen in a while. Game 5 wasn’t to shabby either


Will be interesting, I have my doubts that Kyrie will show up for a third game in a row (when he’s been largely meh since the Detroit series). He’ll need to playing at GSW. LBJ and Kyrie gotta keep playing the way they’re playing.

One player to watch is Harrison Barnes. He’s been ice cold the last two games. He’s a career 37% shooter from deep. And it’s not like the shots he’s missed have been contended or well defended. He’s missed alot of open shots.

If Klay, Barnes and Green play closer to their potential, I think GSW still has a very good shot even if Kyrie and Lebron still go off. I imagine the GSW bench will continue to play well.


Where would lebron be on the all time list if they win this series? First team to come back from 3-1 deficit in the finals, leads both teams in all the major stat categories, and just has been dominant in these last couple games, and will need to be in game 7. Not to mention beating the all time best regular season team in their own house.


I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with Barnes. He played 16 minutes last night and spent most of the game on the bench in favor of Iguodala, who could barely move because of his back problems.


I don’t think anyone is claiming he is the greatest of all time, disputing that he is one of the all-time greats to ever play is a losing argument… especially if they win Sunday.


I don’t think you can count 2 of LeBron’s finals losses against him. His first appearance with the Cavs, he was a 22 year old phenom who dragged a starting lineup of Larry Hughes, Sasha Pavlovic, Drew Gooden and Zydrunas Ilgauskas to the finals and lost to the Spurs dynasty. Similarly, last year once Kyrie and Love got injured there was no realistic expectation that he could win that series.

Had Kobe dragged some of those awful Lakers teams (Smush, Kwame, Luke Walton playing major minutes, etc.) to the finals and lost to a much better team, that would not tarnish his legacy in any way to me.

With a roster truly capable of winning the championship, LeBron is 2-2 in my eyes. This year would be his most impressive yet.