NBA Playoffs Thread


Let’s be real, the East is an absolute joke. We’ve already witnessed the functional Finals and it was a hell of a series. Hell, I wouldn’t mind watching GS v OKC for another 7 games. When a team like Toronto is in the East Finals, and giving CLE a bit of trouble, you knew GS would run through CLE


However I do love the fact that it appears ‘the king’ will probably be 2-5 in Finals’ series over his career. How does the so called greatest have a 2-5 record in the Finals. Most overrated of all time IMO


I have been watching the Warriors/ Cavs more closely. for what it is worth it seems to me that the Warriors set about 5 times more illegal screens than the Cavs. If these last few games are typical of the Warriors play and if the Cavs are representative of most NBA teams with regard to illegal screens then I find the Warriors brand of basketball to be pretty disgusting–they appear to me to be straight up cheaters.


I’m not sure how you can call an entire brand of basketball “disgusting” when the refs aren’t calling it. How is that the teams’ fault? I’m sure they’d stop if they were getting punished for it. It’s kinda like holding in football. It happens every play by several people but if they called everything then the game would last 6 hours. Not to mention I think it’s a bit extreme to say that the entire Warriors “brand of basketball” is built around illegal screens.


Every NBA game is filled with tons of uncalled illegal screens. Warriors are hardly the only ones guilty of it.


To each his own. The more I watch the Warriors the more I feel comfortable calling Warrior basketball disgusting and what allows them to play that way (the NBA) is equally disgusting. There is a reason why James, tonight, wanted to knock Green’s teeth down his throat–he is a shameless cheater. I don’t know why the ref’s are not calling the illegal screens but based upon limited viewing they set more blatantly illegal screens than any team I have ever seen but I don’t watch the NBA much…there might be other teams that cheat in this way and to this extent–I don’t know…It gives them a huge advantage when combined with their impressive shooting.


I keep hearing that but it seems pretty obvious that the Golden State does it a shitload more than the cavaliers and okc. Right? Who are the other teams? Just my opinion, but that garbage needs to be cleaned up…


I saw plenty from the Cavs last night. I saw plenty in the Cavs-Pistons series. And I saw plenty during the Pistons’ regular season. Maybe GSW does it more than other teams, but I doubt it’s as severe as you’re making it out to be. And if refs aren’t gonna call it, why stop? And why not take advantage of that if you’re another team?


Being ahead of the curve on cheating is not really something that is admirable is it?


Who is praising their moral character?


Kevin Love is being crapped on for no reason. No, he is not nearly as good as Chris Bosh(very underrated) but the way Cleveland has utilized him the last 2 years has been awful. LeBron is an all-time great, and the people who rag on him and try to pick holes in his legacy because of his finals record are just hating. He already has 2 rings, which is 2 more than a lot of other great players. The one thing I will say is I don’t think he should have left Miami, Pat Riley’s ability to put a team together and run an organization is vastly superior to what is going on in Cleveland. There lies the problem, in Cleveland LeBron has way more control and power as far as input on personal decisions(case in point David Blatt). In Miami, Pat Riley would never allow that sh*t to happen. I think LeBron going back to Cleveland was as much about power and control, as it was about “winning one for the land” and unfortunately it has not worked. Good news is Cleveland plays in the east so they can try it again next year.


I am confused. I made disparaging remarks against a certain aspect of Warriors basketball because in my mind, their cheating lessens the glory of their wins. I am making disparaging comments about them as sportsmen and questioning how dominant they would really be if they were not ahead of the curve on cheating in this particular way. These are my not-worth-much-opinions. I am not trying to convince anybody of anything. You and Wolverheel seem to want to convince me to think otherwise, which is welcomed, but I think I will stick with my original judgement if all you guys have to offer is a) other teams do it but not as much, and b) refs are not calling it yet.


We can comment about Lebron’s travel/crab dribble he did for years. I don’t think it disparages his accomplishments. If they’re not going to call it, why would you behave differently? GSW is not getting an unfair advantage from these “illegal screens” (which j don’t they’re committing at a statistically significant rate more than other teams) just as LBJ wasn’t getting an unfair advantage. Just don’t see the point of trying to disparage a team and their accomplishments over nothing.


Moving picks haven’t been called since the Nash subs. It’s the nba pushing offense ahead of rules. Just like carries/ travels.


The fact that the media is trying to get Draymond suspended for an incident LeBron instigated is a joke. I hope GSW ends this series Monday.


Green suspended (upgrade to flagrant one). Not sure how you don’t call that a flagrant foul. Wouldn’t be suspended if he didn’t have so many already.


LeBron pushed him down and stepped over him, they are trying to extend this terrible series because the league just wants more money. Hopefully Curry and Thompson go off tomorrow.


Lebron may have initiated the contact, but Draymond whacked him in the nads on his own free will. He let LBJ’s actions affect him, which is exactly what you want when you do that petty stuff to an opponent. Suspension deserved, even if it is a couple weeks late


Lebron got a technical foul, upon review, which is also what should’ve been called, after he walked over Green (Lebron shouldve gotten called for “screening” him to the ground, with a bear hug, admittedly).

The missed calls were eventually made, though not making them in realtime was pretty terrible officiating. The only argument is that had Lebron gotten the technical immediately, maybe Green wouldn’t have swung. But, regardless, trying to hit another man in the nuts is never acceptable and is a trashy, coward’s move.


No, he flailed his arms and unintentionally hit him their. He was just trying to get LeBron off of him he didn’t intentionally aim at his groin. The media turned this into a big deal when it’s really a non story.