NBA Playoffs Thread


Really? Seems like a guy you’d love. Whos your team?


Lakers, born and raised in LA. Obviously, I’m bias as a Kobe guy. But I’ve always thought Lebron was a really great talent, but talks of him being the greatest ever are ridiculous in my opinion. Lebron is no doubt an elite athlete with nice court vision, but Kobe is perhaps the greatest combination of elite athleticism and elite skill that I’ve seen other than MJ.


Laker fan here and I love what they are starting to do through the draft. Ingram will be a nice addition but I just wish LA had the opportunity to draft Simmons. Ingram could potentially be an All-Star caliber player, but I think Simmons could potentially be an elite HOF type player. I wish this was a stronger FA class this year because they have all of that cap space. What are your thoughts on LA signing Derozan?


Only little kids say that about lebron though or lebron fan boys. Cavs gotta hit the bunnies/ get something from the bench. You guys see how high an angle Livingston shoots from on his pull ups? I’ve never noticed that before. What if he never got hurt?


I agree that Simmons probably has more talent and impact individually, but from a roster balance standpoint, Ingram compliments Randle much better. Julius is basically a poor mans Charles Barkley, he can beat bigger defenders off the dribble with superior quickness, but he needs space to operate.

Most probably think I’m nuts, but I think the Lakers are in a VERY good spot. 3 top 10 picks that appear to be starter worthy at minimum, all on cheap contracts. A significant upgrade in the coaching situation. Enough cap room for 2 max contract players and fillers - all of a sudden you have a bright outlook if you can convince one of Whitesude, KD, Derozan to sign. Any one of those 3 and I think Westbrook may come home. At that point you’re looking at a championship caliber team assuming growth from the young players


Yea Ingram is a great fit. Don’t forget about clarkson too. Even nance looks like a nice bench player. I think most people who know college can see the lakers have done well and should be on the rise. The problem is most teams in the west are in good shape. Even the other bad teams have things to like. I’d be careful if I’m L A who to spend that loot on. Don’t wanna be like the Knicks and overpay guys trying to turn it around too quick.


Depends on FA this year - other than GS a lot of teams are in flux. Does KD leave OKC? Does SA lose Duncan/Manu? D12 is damn sure leaving Houston. Memphis is in decline. Do the Clippers trade Blake? Seems like there is a window to make a move


Yea durant could leave for sure. I still think thunder make playoffs without him. I think Houston/ mavs could fall. Spurs will be good no matter what. Maybe durant goes there? I’m also surprised the Blazers did so well. Memphis i agree with as well have peaked out.

That said along with the lakers I like the wolves,Suns, and nuggets futures. Sac town with cousins you never know too. Can’t sleep on Anthony Davis too. Very excited for draft. I root for the Suns. For the second time around I’m praying that I get jaylon brown on my team. I think he will be there I just hope McDonough does the right thing.

Would you want derozan?


I almost never watch the NBA but I watched some of the okc/warriors and some of the Cavs/ Warriors game last night. My question to those who watch the NBA: Is a big part of the warrior’s success due to utilization of illegal screens? I have always thought Izzo utilizes more illegal screens than anyone in college basketball and now I see Green doing the same thing in the NBA and his teammates seem to be following his lead…Do the Warriors set illegal screens at a much higher rate than other teams?


Is Derozan a max contract guy - probably not. But if you’re the Lakers, you need a name to draw interest from other players. Additionally, it seems the salary cap will progressively increase, so what seems like a bad contract now may not be in 2-3 years.


Does anyone remember Draymond Green having such active ‘legs’ in college? I certainly don’t.


I think him and Dellavedova should just scrap it out for the title. No rules.


I hate to admit it but I loved green in college. I wished he were on our team. I don’t remember him being being such a punk.

Also to the other poster the nba is full of illegal screens. I feel like its been happening since the Suns Nash days. Anything for offense. I wish they’d start calling it. Reminds me of how in football bellicheck uses their illegal pick plays on offense. I wish they’d call it.


I literally cannot stand Green, he whined about EVERY single call in college, and still does so with GS.


I don’t remember that about him but I don’t doubt it from what I’m seeing from him.


I’m pretty sure this is a recent development. I live in NorCal now, so I watched a lot of Warriors games this year, and I don’t recall seeing all the kicking during the regular season.


Green is the whiniest non superstar in the NBA. He knows how to play and plays hard but in the NBA him and the Delevadova’s of the world need questionable tactics and complaining to be successful.


What’s unfortunate is he has a great game. He could be beloved without all that nonsense.

At least when Sheed complained, he was funny. And probably got some bad calls due to reputation (that was somewhat deserved).


Green’s sense of prejudice is epic, and he uses it to motivate himself. Like other athletes with such massive chips on their shoulders it’s not always pretty to watch, but it’s pretty effective.


Cavs are done unless Kyrie & Love show up in a big way. Richard Jefferson, who I’m pretty sure starts collecting social security at the conclusion of this series, is playing big minutes for the Cavs. That’s some bad roster management (over the course of years)