NBA Draft Projections & Mock Drafts 2020

Yeah I guess these 2 were seemingly the only sure things. I wonder if Ayo wouldve gotten taken higher if he declared last year?

Wieskamp had some Moving Screen Draft Prospect momentum, I think? TJD was the most 5-star-ist of the freshmen but his game didn’t scream NBA.

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Agent will be doing everything he can to get him to stay in the draft

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Re: Tillman

Michigan State forward/center Xavier Tillman has really impressed. The background is that he has a genuine love of the game that informs everything he does on the court. He watches tape constantly, and it shows in his anticipation and basketball IQ on both ends of the floor. In interviews, he’s impressed with his recall of certain sequences, his understanding of the role he’d be likely to play, and the way that he can explain and break down certain concepts. His maturity and professionalism has also stood out for teams. He’s also extremely intelligent, as his Academic All-American status from this past season — while raising two kids, no less — shows.
-In general, Tillman is seen as being one of the most “on the fence” players in the draft in regard to whether he’s going to stay in the draft or come out. No decision has been made. He’s also one of the players where I would say overall consensus differs most from where I have him ranked. I comfortably have him at No. 21 right now, and he’ll certainly get a first-round grade from me. But teams see him more as a second-rounder right now because of a perceived lack of upside. This is the kind of immediate role player that I’m comfortable betting on.

If teams see him with low upside, staying another year won’t change that.

Livers at 87 in two-way contract realm


Unbelievable. Somehow he’s going to end up back at MSU because of this even though the “low upside” was pretty much why Iggy left last year.


True. He may want his degree though.

It surprises me kofi is so low. Old school bigs are started today be undervalued imo. Vernon Carey and Isaiah Stewart are going to go in the 20s or maybe even second round for Carey and that’s outrageous. Both of them are going to have nice nba careers with potential for more.

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Tillman already has his degree, graduated this past spring.


They’re just easier to find whether its FA or whatever. And teams only need like 3. Using your two ways on wings is a much more needed and productive way to use them

Well shoot. He’s gotta go right lol?

something about improving his jump shot according to Izzo


I fully expect Livers to go pro and Tillman to return because nothing makes sense these days.


He’s already old, nothing else to accomplish, can focus 100% on basketball, just wants to start making money

Oh wait that only applies when our guys leave early.


Izzo promises these kids something in exchange for staying. It’s the only thing that I can think of that explains it.


He’s just, from what I can see, really charming to be around.


Lunch for their parents?


So guys can now declare for the draft who had previously decided to stay at school after the previous deadline? I can’t think of many Big 10 players who would do this, but definitely some across the country.

NCAA deadline to return is still Aug 3?