NBA Draft Projections & Mock Drafts 2020

We had a thread for the 2019 draft so figured I’d make a new one.

Sam Vecenie from The Athletic put out his top 100. Livers at 78 and X at 88. The MSU trio ranged from 30-44.

Then Mike Schmitz had his mock draft last week or so. He had Teske 58 with no other Michigan representatives.

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In the comments Vecenie said Livers has the chance to be a riser if he continues shooting well. And that Teske was among the top 5 not included.

Also it’s looking like a poor decision for Ayo to have returned this year

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Wasn’t he projected as a fringe first/probable second round pick last year?

Doesn’t look like he’s helped his stock all that much, but there’s still time.

Any Cockburn sightings?

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I sure hope so

Vecenie specifically mentioned he doesn’t really value heavy footed bigs with no skills and thus that is why he doesn’t have guys like Cockburn and Enoch ranked.

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Vecenie specifically mentioned he doesn’t really value heavy footed bigs with no skills and thus that is why he doesn’t have guys like Cockburn and Enoch ranked.

I would disagree with Vecenie’s assessment of Cockburn. No heavy footed. Def has skills. Haven’t seen a lot of him but his foul shot looked good. Tons of upside for that young man


He had previously struggled against teams with quick guards, and right now he’s not really a guy that can do anything besides the drop coverage they did against Michigan. Doesn’t pass, shoot, or dribble so that’s where the no skills comes from. I think the key for him is to drop some of his weight so he can get quicker and more explosive.

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Givony’s first 2021 mock came out. Obviously very early and a lot can change for these guys since some of them haven’t even finished HS yet. And without explanation you don’t know for sure why someone is left off. But names of note:
12. Greg Brown
20. DJ Carton
27. Josh Christopher
28. Jaden Springer
29. Moses Moody
53. Isaiah Livers

Is JC really only considered the same caliber prospect as Springer and Moody?

Well he’s only ranked 6 spots above Springer on 247, and Moody is a guy NBA scouts love and is underrated. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some mocks had JC closer to the lottery.

Yeah, I just think watching the film, JC stands out way more than the other two guys, but I realize sometimes NBA teams draft with more specific needs in mind. If you’re projected as the #27 pick, it’s no guarantee that you’re one and done and I just can’t see any scenario (barring injury) where JC isn’t one and done.

Give me the choice between the 3 of them and my list goes:

  1. JC
  2. Springer
  3. Moody

I know JC has his own flaws, but I think there is a real gap. After USA camp, Evan Daniels said if he needs a bucket, he would choose JC over any player in the country.

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I have no clue what he’ll look like within the constraints of a talented college roster, so it’s hard for me to project his numbers/production next year (if you recall, I saw him live a few weeks back).

But he’s a damn celebrity already…I genuinely don’t know if other top guys are like that? I think the hype grows with a year of college, and he’ll be drafted accordingly, and it will be up to him to live up to that. I’d put money on him being a lottery pick based on the above

No Livers in CBS top 75

Give me all of the Paul Reed stock (34th here, 49th in Vecenie’s top 100, consensus late 2nd rder). He very clearly should be a first round pick, in my opinion, based on his defensive ability alone.

Tillman 17th? Must have nailed the Skype 1-1.

tillman as a first rounder makes a ton of sense to me, could be a great 4 in the league

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Other B1G:
22. Xavier Tillman
23. Oturu
27. Jalen Smith
41. Cassius Winston
49. Ayo Dosunmu
55. K Wesson
69. Aaron Henry - Vecenie lists him as an undecided player to watch because “[he] has a very real shot to get drafted”
72. Lamar Stevens
**87. Livers
100. Kofi Cockburn

Raise your hand if, at the start of the season, you thought Tillman was the B1G’s best draft prospect (my hand is very not raised; good for him, really enjoy his game)


I thought he’d definitely be up there. We had him 6th on our Big Ten Top 25 in the preseason which isn’t really based on draft stock but Winston, Cowan, Simpson and Stevens were all in the top five and all have very limited draft stock. Ayo Dosunmu and Jalen Smith were really the only other draft prospects, right?

Clearly missed on Oturu ahead of the year.