NBA Draft Projections & Mock Drafts 2019


No MSU players and they are having a better year, in my opinion, than they were last year. I think that MSU Is playing better than anyone in the league right now.


My first takeaway was that our top two competitors for the conference title, MSU and Wisconsin both don’t have one player on this list, let alone 3.

But after watching the Northwestern game last night, I was wowed by how hard that MSU team played even up 20+ for the majority of the game. I’ve been down on them all year because I don’t believe in the talent level of guys like Ahrens, McQuaid and Goins but I’m really impressed with the collective unit they have right now. I still think they matchup horrendously with Michigan, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them win the league.


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Surpised to see Poole went from 51 on the list to 64. I would have predicted an upward trajectory for Poole.

Michigan State Discussion 2018-19

Winston likely isn’t athletic enough for the next level and there aren’t many spots for 6’1" off-guards [Edwards}, no matter how effective in college.

Michigan State Discussion 2018-19

Anyone with an ESPN+ subscription that is able to tell us where Givony has the Michigan guys on his new mock?

Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Recap

I haven’t seen it by my friend said Charles was listed in the 2nd round and there was no Iggy and no Poole


Matthews at 44, only Michigan player listed.


Seems a little…odd



So how would everyone rank the following scenarios from most likely to least likely for next season?

  1. Poole, Iggy and CM all leave
  2. Poole returns, Iggy and CM leave
  3. Iggy returns, Poole and CM leave
  4. Poole and Iggy return, CM leaves

And is there any scenario at all where CM returns? I gotta think there’s a decent chance he ends up projected lower on draft boards than Poole and Iggy both by the end of the year.


To your last question - I honestly think <5% chance (if any) that CM returns. Everything I’ve heard indicates he very likely would have left after last year except due to extenuating circumstances.


0% chance Charles stays and imo 0% chance Poole and Iggy are both picked ahead of him. Charles’ defense and athleticism are the most translatable skills any of them have.

For context on the Vecenie tweet, his last update on 12/25 he had Poole out of the top 100. So “jumping onto the board in a real way” for him is probably a jump to #50-60

As for the scenarios, I’d rank them 2, 3, 4, 1


Idk about 0% chance Poole and Iggy are drafted ahead of Matthews. On the majority of other draft projections I have seen for the last month or so, Iggy has been a late first rounder and Matthews is almost always projected as mid to late second round.


I’d say you’re looking at the wrong draft projections then haha. I’m sure there are many that have Iggy ahead of Matthews but the ones I trust for evaluation do not have Iggy that high.


Definitely think Poole & Iggy can be drafted ahead of Charles. Why? Because they are better shooters/scorers and are also younger than CM.


I have no idea what they will do but I would draft Poole first out of the 3.


Poole is 19, won’t turn 20 until June 2019. He’s actually a few months younger than Iggy, only a few months older than Reddish and Romeo Langford.

Matthews seems like a guy who doesn’t get drafted that high because of his limited offensive game, but could carve out a lengthy career. The draft is about potential.


I think if Michigan is to win a BIG/national title this year, Michigan will need Iggy, Poole and Matthews to all play at a elite level, which would very likely mean we lose 2 or all 3. I’d take that for national title. Realistically, I honestly think if all 3 play very well to end the year, they could all end up pushing for the first round. Recency bias seems very real in March Madness. Remember when Grayson Allen had a huge end to his freshman year and he didn’t do anything all season leading up to it? Scouts were debating if he was suddenly a first round pick. Mcgary was in a similar spot coming off the bench because he played well in the tournament run in 2013. It’s happened almost every year. So if any one of them played at a elite level to end the year and were solid to finish the regular season, I think any of the 3 could get drafted in the first round. I personally think Iggy or Poole would get drafted higher if all 3 just played like they have this season the rest of the way, but Matthews would be the safest bet. He’s be a low ceiling and moderately high floor because he could likely provide very good perimeter defense and athleticism and a mid range game. His defense and athleticism are his strengths and is the most likely to translate compared to Poole and Iggy’s strengths when going against NBA players. Hopefully this is a conundrum that gets more and more real as the season progresses because it likely means Michigan won’t be losing many games this year and will be competing for trophies.


If we win a national title, the whole team can go to the NBA for all I care.