NBA Draft Projections & Mock Drafts 2019


I have no idea what they will do but I would draft Poole first out of the 3.


Poole is 19, won’t turn 20 until June 2019. He’s actually a few months younger than Iggy, only a few months older than Reddish and Romeo Langford.

Matthews seems like a guy who doesn’t get drafted that high because of his limited offensive game, but could carve out a lengthy career. The draft is about potential.


I think if Michigan is to win a BIG/national title this year, Michigan will need Iggy, Poole and Matthews to all play at a elite level, which would very likely mean we lose 2 or all 3. I’d take that for national title. Realistically, I honestly think if all 3 play very well to end the year, they could all end up pushing for the first round. Recency bias seems very real in March Madness. Remember when Grayson Allen had a huge end to his freshman year and he didn’t do anything all season leading up to it? Scouts were debating if he was suddenly a first round pick. Mcgary was in a similar spot coming off the bench because he played well in the tournament run in 2013. It’s happened almost every year. So if any one of them played at a elite level to end the year and were solid to finish the regular season, I think any of the 3 could get drafted in the first round. I personally think Iggy or Poole would get drafted higher if all 3 just played like they have this season the rest of the way, but Matthews would be the safest bet. He’s be a low ceiling and moderately high floor because he could likely provide very good perimeter defense and athleticism and a mid range game. His defense and athleticism are his strengths and is the most likely to translate compared to Poole and Iggy’s strengths when going against NBA players. Hopefully this is a conundrum that gets more and more real as the season progresses because it likely means Michigan won’t be losing many games this year and will be competing for trophies.


If we win a national title, the whole team can go to the NBA for all I care.


If I were you guys, I’d start preparing for the chance that all three have very real NBA prospects.


At this point I’m just hoping Brandon Johns returns


Given the large number of scouts at the game yesterday, any opinions shared/overheard on either of the three?


It’s hard for me to not think Poole is playing his last season for M. He’s gonna continue to breakout and it’s a really weak draft.

Plus he’s expanding his game exponentially.


Oh, they have very real NBA prospects. The question is whether they all go this year, or which of the three will go.


Should have been more clear… Very real NBA Draft prospects after this season, as in decisions to make.


Beilein mentioned something at the last press conference about Z being in the running as having the most wins for a wolverine (?) ever. Anybody know the details of Z being in the running for having participated in the most won games? Or, did I misunderstand Beilein?


If we don’t win the national title I honestly think both Poole and Iggy will return. Just call it a hunch.


Have you spoken with your Jaylen Brown sources about this?


Teske is in the same conversation. Davis too except for redshirt. Those guys have had a lot of success buoyed by winning two big ten tournaments. It’s just a way to motivate X is the way I took it


Yeah, you are probably right because I was just looking in the records and I could not find “games won by individual players” as a category.

On MGoblog somebody mentioned that Z is 48-8 in games where he was the starting point guard. Wow!


I’m more in your camp. I think all 3 have too many holes to be automatic entries, though Charles is likely gone regardless of projected draft order. Poole and Iggy will definitely have decisions to make, but I think that barring a deep tourney run, they’re looking at late first round maybe? (best case scenario)? On the flip side, it’s easy to imagine a tournament loss in the sweet sixteen or second round where one or both struggle. That seems to favor their return. It’s been interesting to watch the impact of March success on draft decisions. Recency bias is real.


My current prediction:

Charles leaves as a late first/early-mid second rounder.
Iggy leaves as a late first/early-mid second rounder.
Poole leaves as a late lotto pick.

If Iggy wasn’t so old, I wouldn’t predict him to leave, but I don’t see him benefitting from another year in school given the skillset he’s shown so far and his age.


This seems pretty reasonable. Iggy’s age is something easy to forget, definitely a will be a determining factor in his decision.

regardless, their success is the team’s success. I think these is one of them good problems. Lamenting the early departure of pros! Seems like an annual expectation with JB now…


Iggy’s birthday tomorrow.


Don’t think that’s right since Eli started a few games last year and I don’t recall X starting in place of Walton at all his freshman year.