NBA Draft Discussion (DJ Wilson, Moritz Wagner)


Just ride the wave. Cant do anything more than enjoy their successes along with them, and they will have earned everything that they have coming to them. JB and his NBA factory.


I will gladly take a Final Four in exchange for early entries.


Who would have thought Michigan would beat a long Louisville team with back-to-the-basket post play. Wagner’s footwork looked elite today. Really don’t want Moe and/or DJ to leave – add Matthews and Livers and you get a surprising amount of athleticism. A rare game where Michigan did not win because of guard play. Big Man U – I like it.

It may be a luxury to say it, but it sucks being in Kansas’ bracket. Especially if this year is Bizarro 2013. Might have to cheer for State.


Definitely won’t be cheering for state but won’t be upset if they win. Honestly at this point I dont care who Michigan plays. I thought ok state and Louisville were awful matchups for Michigan and they still found a way to win both. No team in this tournament scares me.


If there was a 1 seed to play, I’d pick Kansas. Buuuuut, we’d have to play them IN KANSAS CITY. Which would be pretty crazy. Would have to beat Kansas in front of 17k+ KU fans.


Walton v Mason would be fun. Lucas and Bragg dealing with Wagner would also be fun. Josh Jackson would not be fun. I actually might rather play Kansas than Purdue a 3rd time or god forbid MSU with a final four on the line. I like the nothing to lose state of mind and I’m not sure we get that with the Big Ten foes.


Especially since Purdue has yet to beat us and MSU has a bad taste from last time. I’d rather see Kansas but first gotta beat Oregon/URI (Hopefully URI)


Wagner couldn’t even stay in the game Friday and one game later he’s a first round pick?


I’ll be very happy if we can get one more year out of each. People expecting two more years aren’t being realistic IMO.


Early last week, Tim McCormick (who knows a little about bigs in the NBA) said that both Mo and DJ have NBA skills, but don’t have the bodies yet.


The NBA drafts more on future potential than it does on current skill level. So a 1-game hot flash can make a huge impression (show ++ potential) more than a steady series of games. Because of that the NCAA Tournament always produces “fast risers” up draft boards…and then after the Tournament scouts & evaluators go back to looking at the full season and re-even things out.

That said, Wagner & Wilson performing on the Tournament stage against other top skilled athletes with so many scouts watching, will improve their overall evaluations.

Personally, I think Wagner is better off returning for 1 more year of strength training & skill development, but I don’t doubt that Wagner will draw some very interesting offers this summer from European teams — which gives him a larger safety net than most to dabble with the draft.


Hopefully these guys stick for one more year. They need to get stronger. I don’t see their stock dropping because they have all the measurables.



You don’t say. What a recruit by Underwood though, oh that’s right he didn’t recruit him.

I’ll still give Underwood credit for recruiting Walkup at SFA. Conference player of the year, awesome player…oh wait he didn’t recruit him either. But congrats Illinois!


“You’ve got to be careful about the recency bias,” an Eastern Conference scout said. “Don’t get too excited. They both still have questions about physical and mental toughness. That sounds easy, but that’s not the case. That’s a DNA thing.”

Best case for John Beilein? DJ and Moe evaluate their options and come back trying to prove their toughness/motor/defense.


Another year of Camp Sanderson would be great. However, it just takes one GM willing to draft on potential…


Gotta be a tough decision for these kids. Not just Moe and DJ, but all of the fringe first round guys throughout.
It must have been an article posted on this site or shared by a forum contributor, but aren’t most players very leery of being 2nd round picks these days? (AKA they’d rather go undrafted than be selected in round 2?)


Seasons not over, but I believe both players can raise their stock by coming back another year. Neither player has peaked. I think it’s feasible both can play themselves into lottery picks with another year of seasoning. Wagner maybe into top ten pick


Wagner and Wilson have already exceeded my expectations for their college careers. We’ll be in a bit of a rough spot if one or both decide to go pro, but they need to do what’s best for them.

That being said, we’ll have one of the 2 or 3 best frontcourts in the country if they both come back–maybe the best in terms of production (I’m sure UK, Duke, et al might have better draft prospects). I’d sure love to see these guys in the maize and blue for one more year after another summer of Camp Sanderson.


Yeah, I was just assuming one more year is happening. I think the actual draft hype is overblown right now. I doubt there’s much chance they would go in the 1st if they left right now. Like, NBA scouts are actually moving Mo up 20 spots after 1 game? Chad Ford is just kind of a joke, tbh