NBA Draft 2019 Open Thread

who is number 4?

love your second two picks. hate Langford.

Deandre Hunter

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I wouldn’t mind the Pistons going for a scoring PG in round two like a Shamorie Ponds. I’d like the pistons to have their own version of VanVleet to come off the bench and get buckets.


I get that. His shooting was pretty bad this year, but I feel like he has a high floor thanks to his finishing and ball handling, especially in the pick and roll.

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Yeah I’ll take a chance that his shooting woes were based on his injury. Otherwise he has top 10 upside

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Ja’s ceiling is higher and his game is more well-rounded. Zion just screams Carmelo Anthony to me, a little more twitch but so what

I could get on board with Ponds or Jalen Lecque.

Gotta say that’s the first time I’ve seen a Carmelo comparison for Zion. He plays way harder on defense and is in another galaxy as an athlete. Have to say I disagree on this one.


He can’t shoot, he can’t facilitate. He’ll be good cuz of his twitch and strength and yes, he plays hard. But he won’t come close to being the best player on a championship team

Ponds all day.

As for Michigan players – O/U 1.5. I thought only one earlier in the week, but I’ll say two now. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s less than that, though.

I can’t explain how much it bothers me that ESPN has Jay Bilas (and Chauncey) as the primary guys talking about these players when Givony and Mike Schmitz literally spend 100% of their time on the draft. Why not let them actually do their jobs and talk knowledgeably about the prospects?


In the last ~5 minutes he said De’Andre Hunter was elite in isolation and that Garland was the best shooter in the draft… I have watched a lot of these guys, but I could watch 10 minutes and tell you both of those statements are just wrong.

Bilas is especially annoying. 100% agree that Givony and Schmitz should be on. If nothing else, give them their own show on ESPN2.

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Culver to the Wolves is interesting. Teague, Culver, Wiggins, Covington, Towns is… interesting. Not sure there’s enough shooting there.

Don’t think Teague is part of their future plans and he will be nearly impossible to move, but doubt Rosas thinks Wiggins is either.

Side note: not on Twitter to avoid early pick tweets, but Sexton shot 44.3% on catch-and-shoot threes last season (on fairly low volume). Not sure if people are worried about the fit in the backcourt given they’re both considered true PGs, but I absolutely think Sexton and Garland can work.

I’m with you in believing that Beilein can make a Garland/Sexton backcourt work. Can never have too much ball handling or shooting in the NBA and both guys have those skills.


Freshman early in the season, but still…yikes.

That seems like a big reach for Rui. Hopefully Doumbouya will fall to 15.