NBA Draft 2019 Open Thread

Let’s get it started…

How many Michigan players hear their name tonight?

Who is your NBA Draft sleeper? Who is overvalued? Who is undervalued?

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I think we see Iggy and Poole drafted.
Sleeper for me is Chuma Okeke. I think a lot of people and teams are overlooking his talent because of the injury. He’s a lottery pick if he doesn’t get hurt, right? Hoping the Pistons scoop him up at 30.
For one overvalued, I’ll say Rui Hachimura. Just seems like too much of a tweener in the NBA. Undervalued, on top of Okeke, I’ll say Romeo Langford. He’s a top 8 pick if he didn’t play with the hand injury last year imo. Another guy I’m hoping the Pistons grab, but at 15.

At 15, I like the kid from Va tech. Maybe pj Washington.

Poole and Iggy both go mid to late 2nd round.

Overvalued: Jaxson Hayes

Undervalued: Romeo Langford. I think they’ve gone too far in the opposite direction with him.

Sleeper: KZ Okpala

Saw that Givony has Goga Bitadze to the Pistons at 15. Pulled up his film on Synergy… dude is fun to watch. I’m in.

I like Goga only if the Pistons have plans to move on from Drummond in the next 12 months. Otherwise, I’d prefer they draft someone who will start and play big minutes on the wing rather than a backup center.

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Maybe a lazy comparison, but I think his ceiling is Marc Gasol.

Agree on Hayes being overvalued

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Yeah, I like how he finishes rolls to the rim but also looks comfortable shooting the three. Think that’s what you need in the modern game. Looks physical enough to stand his own down low.

Trying to remember if he played in the exhibition that Michigan played in Spain?

And we’re off…


He wore 11 for Mega Bemax. Watching your highlight video from that game, I believe he was out there. Like the roll and pop games that you can play with him, and on top of that, a lot of analysts view him as the best rim protector in the class over Hayes.

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Who is going to be Beilein’s first draft pick? Culver?

Sounds like Garland to the Cavs based on the what the NBA insiders are saying.

Looks like Garland…

Garland would be a weird fit next to Sexton.

I’d take Ja over Zion

I love Ja’s game. He should be really exciting to watch.

Hot take to end all hot takes! Is this based on Zion being a bust or you think Ja’s ceiling is higher?

My dream Pistons draft tonight: 15 Romeo Langford 30 Chuma Okeke 45 Naz Reid

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