National voices weigh in on Juwan Howard hire

Did you only publish the best responses? These were all serious answers with some substance, except for the funny one from Gasoway.

Lol @ Gasoway…

Haha Gasoway’s comment is great. Showing there are two sides to the narrative that everyone is running with.

What??? I can’t believe Valenti is bashing the hire! :rofl:


Valenti is the worst. I stopped listening to 97.1 over a year ago and it was the best decision I’ve made. It’s unfortunate that he has the loudest mouthpiece in the Detroit sports media market.


This is the national voices thread, we should make a new one for regional voices just for this. :joy:


Valenti is great - if you enjoy listening to a Sparty trying to make Michigan fans mad enough to call in to his show. And then only take the worst of the calls. Not my cup of tea.


Can we please not share what Valenti is saying here? Who cares.


That and the man has never shared a positive opinion on anything. It’s easy to appear like you know what you’re talking about if you only ever talk about who is no good and who is making mistakes etc. Can you think of something this guy has ever liked or approved of?

Valenti hates Michigan and just tries to anger Wolverine fans enough to call into his show. He knows nothing about what he is talking about

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Not to be too catty, but sometimes when you get a glimpse of one of these disheveled radio ‘personalities,’ pretty much at work in their jammies, you just think. . . why am I wasting my time getting wrought up about such silly palaver? Their jobs? Sell soap; leave as little dead air as possible.

So, here’s my take. Juwan Howard, had he not gotten the Michigan job was going to become a head coach…in the NBA, basketball’s highest level. It was going to happen sooner rather than later, but it was going to happen.

Now, everyone who is fortunate enough, and talented enough, and who works hard enough to become a head coach will get THEIR first head coaching job, somewhere, sometime. For some it comes early. John Beilein has always been a head coach, never an assistant. That is extremely rare. Most coaches work as an assistant for a period of time and THEN they get their first head coaching opportunity.

That is exactly what happened with Juwan. He had served his time as an assistant coach at the highest level of basketball. He was a valued and extremely competent assistant to Erik Spoelstra and was part of the Pat Riley coaching tree. He EARNED the opportunity to be a head coach, and he got that first head coaching opportunity at his alma mater. I’m excited about that, and I have no qualms this being his “first head coaching job.”

Everyone, all of us, will experience the opportunity of doing something for the first time. The first time you stepped into the classroom as a teacher. The first time you stepped into the courtroom as an attorney. The first time you managed a business. The first time you performed a delicate surgery. The first time you lead a platoon into battle. Those are exciting opportunities. Typically the individual has done a lot to prepare for those opportunities. Juwan Howard has done much to prepare for and to earn the opportunity to be a head coach. He deserves this opportunity.

Coach Howard may make some mistakes along the way. My gosh, who among us has not, but he will learn and grow from those mistakes. He will have successes, too, but he will build upon those successes, just as he has built his life and his career on so many other successes. He is an impressive young man, and that SHINES through.

Am I bit concerned with his lack of “college” coaching experience. Yes, I am. BUT, again, Juwan Howard has been successful at pretty much everything he’s done in life. And it’s not like he never played college basketball or been around and coached young players. Being the kind of man he is, and he’s an outstanding man who has had great success in basketball and in life, he WILL figure it out. As I said, he may make a few mistakes, no he WILL make a few mistakes, a few missteps along the way, but he will learn from those, and be better. I don’t think those mistakes or missteps will be disastrous ones. Certainly not like botching your first delicate surgery!

Like others, I think it’s important Juwan surround himself with good people who can help him navigate the rigors and the crushing work load of being a college basketball head coach, that IS important, but knowing who he is, I am confident he will do that. And I am confident that he will, as he says, “roll up my (his) sleeves and get to work.”

I’m excited for our new Head Coach. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Juwan Howard era will bring to Michigan Basketball. There may be a misstep or two, we “might” even lose a game we thought we should win, or take a step back initially, but I’m looking FORWARD to a bright future. I’m excited that Coach Howard got his first head coaching opportunity at Michigan. Go BLUE!!!


Howard certainly has more college basketball experience than any or all of the people weighing in–and has seen that process through a lot of kids’ eyes over time. The generic NBA-to-college doesn’t work take is, to me, pretty lacking in any obvious logic. Can he relate to and inspire young men? Seems so. Is he bright? Pretty obviously–honors student in HS, first guy to finish his degree on time AFTER going to the league. Motivated? Obviously. Xs and Os? Defense-first mentality bound to translate; NBA pick and roll familiarity strongly suited to the foundation Beilein’s laid down.

How much more second-guessing are we gonna do? Let him get on with the job!


NBA guys going to coach college teams doesn’t always work out. Neither does college guys going to coach college teams. Indeed, there are plenty of guys with years of college head coaching experience who are kind of mediocre. Who coach bad teams. So this meme that a guy can’t go from the NBA to college and be successful is wildly overdone.

Honestly, it’s an excellent hire. Howard has an unimpeachable list of references, from young college aged NBA players he helped develop, to veteran NBA legends who won championships with him, to NBA coaches and executives who gave him his first coaching job and watched him grow.

We’re very fortunate he’s a Michigan alum who loves his Alma mater because how else would we ever poach a top-tier NBA assistant on the cusp of getting NBA head coaching jobs?


Somebody ask Valenti how much head coaching experience Izzo had before becoming state’s head coach XD

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