Moritz Wagner is off to the NBA


Mo’s got work to do for sure, but the possibilities are there, especially if he get’s stronger without losing any of his skillset. I’m thinking more Sarbonis than those other guys.


This article give some good perspective on Moe and his draft position and mentality. Basically Moe doesn’t care at all. He’s ready to be a pro.


So much of what makes Moe great is perfect for the NBA right now. If he gets drafted by a team that doesn’t play a space and pace type system, his career could be cut short. If he finds the right fit, he could be in the league for 10+ years.

Here’s one thing to think about. Beilein’s guys that have gone on to the NBA have struggled a bit in their first year and then started to gain some traction after that (with the exception of Nik and Mitch). I do think that Nik could have a long NBA career, he just has to find the right team that will let him find a rhythm consistently.


To be fair, a lot of Mitch’s struggles weren’t on the court.


“Even if it’s a second-round pick, I can fall asleep with a smile on my face. I made this decision not based on where I’m going to get drafted or about how much money I’m going to make. I made this decision because I feel ready to become a grown-up and, as much as it sucks to say, move on. That’s why I feel very good about everything.” This is the way it should be, and the part that posters sometimes seem a little confused about, IMO. Even the way we wring our hands over someone like Miles Bridges. . .


Any word on Charles Matthews ?


Well said. We should all stop worrying about Moe’s draft status and just be happy for him.


Interesting comment from an NBA exec on Beileins guys. This exec thinks Wagner goes in the first.


Stroking it…


They tweak his form a bit? Looks like it to me.


It looks like they sped up his release. I recall it being slower than that.