Moritz Wagner is off to the NBA


Really think this was the only decision for Moe. He accomplished so much this year both individually and as a team. He improved his rebounding. Can’t really ‘test the waters’ again and he needs to go all in with it. Would have been really hard for his senior year to live up to this year too.


I will miss him


Thank you Moe! Michigan legend.


If my counting is correct, Moritz Wagner is Michigan’s 10th early NBA departure over the last 9 seasons.


Beilein on Moe

"Moe has been a very special young man in his three years at Michigan. Coming to the United States at 18 years old and thriving the way he has is an amazing story. He truly embodies what Michigan basketball is all about.

"He is an excellent student athlete who has embraced his education, life on campus and his athletic opportunity since the first day he came to Ann Arbor. His grit, selflessness, energy and fun-loving side was contagious and a significant reason behind our success. That part of his personality will always be a part of Michigan basketball lore.

"Moe was committed to proving he could play at a high level every day. His daily desire for excellence, his skill set at that size, bodes well for him as he enters the world of professional basketball. I am confident he has a brilliant future awaiting him.

“We are excited to see what is in store for Moe in the months and years ahead. We wish him nothing but the very best in every way.”


Will be an all time favorite for many fans. It’s the right decision.


That’s 9, who am I missing?

Either way, I feel like that has to be the most among non blue bloods

Yeah… 9. My counting was incorrect.

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This is the definition of bittersweet. One of my all-time favorite players. Excited for what’s to come next for Moe! Go Blue!

And all but Harris and Morris were first round picks. Uncertain if Moe can keep that streak going, but he’s also the first since THJ to leave as an upperclassman (though DJ was in his 3rd year on campus)

gr3 was 2nd round

Yep, forgot about that.

Is Moe going to graduate this spring? While I agree that a 4th year likely does not improve his draft stock, why is being a possible (likely) 2nd round pick with no guarantee his only decision? If he was a 1st round lock I would completely agree with you, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Good luck Moe! It was awesome watching you play.

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Good luck to the big fella! What a great run! I hope his style of play attracts future kids to the team. As many others have stated, he certainly had to leave after playing on the biggest of stages…his brand is peaking. I hope his style of play and three ball sneaks him into the first round…the NBA is falling in love with the three!

Thanks MOE!!

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From a purely financial perspective, it is dumb to come back. It is basically almost never the right decision financially to come back and becomes more indefensible once you can say there’s very little chance you move up in the draft. The degree also doesn’t matter because the B10 has a rule guaranteeing that he can come back and finish his degree (also he will get paid more than the value of the last year of the degree).

I thought he had other reasons to consider coming back, but yeah as far as money goes he needs to declare

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OK, so I just read Moe’s story and I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. I wish him all the success in the world, in the NBA and beyond. There is no question in my mind that Moe will be a great success in whatever he does. I hope he makes a great pro, but more than that he is a great person. He has been such a tremendous asset to our basketball program and a joy to watch. He will always be an outstanding and passionate ambassador for the University of Michigan and Michigan Basketball! Moe, from one tiny little miniscule part of the Michigan Basketball fan base and family, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the memories. From that first open practice to the National Championship game to reading this incredible piece you’ve written you’ve reminded this old guy what being a Michigan Man is all about. Danke Schoen, now go and make your dreams come true in the NBA!


I’m the first to argue that I don’t blame a guy for leaving early when they’re guaranteed big money, regardless if they’re ready or not. Where I draw the line is when a guy isn’t a first round lock. I don’t blame Moe at all for leaving, glad we got him a 3rd year but I don’t think he’s anymore financially guaranteed anything this year than he would be next year.

If he wouldn’t get a guaranteed contract this year, most likely he wouldn’t be getting one next year. Which means he’s just denying himself a year of potential income and delaying his potential second contract one more year. Only real benefit for him coming back would be a national title and his degree. No real benefit financially or basketball wise.