Moritz Wagner is off to the NBA


Worst comes to Worse and Moe plays in europe, he will make a lot more than An American at the same level as him


Probably true. What you’re saying then is that it doesn’t. make sense for most decent juniors to finish school then, maybe even most sophomores. Mikal Bridges might be the only example of a guy who’s junior year helped him from a draft position.


This is probably the right and best decision for Moe. I think it was hard for him because of his love for Michigan and not wanting to end his time here.
My appreciation for Moe grew from year to year. He developed into a terrific player and a wonderful young man. He will be one of my all time favorites.


To play Devil’s Advocate (I do think he made a good choice), the projected large discrepancy in talent between this year’s and next year’s draft classes, especially with forwards, could’ve meant his stock technically stayed the same, but he would move up into guaranteed contract area.


Would love to see Moe on the Lakers. That team badly needs shooting and he could help keep them stretched offensively off the bench.


This is the right decision for him. He will be missed!!


It’s hard to evaluate strong/weak drafts a year out. It’s not uncommon for a weak draft to become a strong one the next year.

And if the bigs are deeper in this draft, it might just mean that teams draft them this year and next year more perimeter players are taken. It’s not like there’s guaranteed to be 6 players taken at every position in each round or anything like that.



Agree that it’s risky to believe a draft will stay the same, but it does offer a potential financial reason to return. Just to be clear, I think he made a fantastic choice and has a bright future.


One of my favorite Michigan players ever…I hope Moe finds himself in the right situation in the NBA. To think, some thought this was a waste of a scholarship when he signed…


But yeah as I’ve articulated before, I don’t think this was a must make decision, since his most likely outcome is gonna be 75-250k on a 2-way g league contract. If he has good intel that someone wants to take him in late 1st-early 2nd, that changes the equation though.


I think he’ll get looks late in the first. Might not get picked, but he has a skillset that is desirable and he’ll interview well, etc.


Personally I don’t really think his skill set translates very well to the NBA but I’ll be interested to see how he gets evaluated.


Say it ain’t so Moe!! I’m going to miss him.
I think he will go 21st in the NBA draft. Unique skill set and only going to get bigger and stronger physically, with increased range


From everything we see he sure seems to be a great young man and represented Michigan in a positive way both on and off the court so he will be missed. As for his future in basketball wishing him the best wherever it may take him. Off the court my hopes are that he will come back and get his degree.


The thing I like most about Moe is how much he loves Michigan. If he has a successful NBA career I think that is a huge plus for Michigan as he’s the best brand ambassador I can remember since maybe Jalen Rose. That’s one thing area where MSU guys really seem to carry the brand with them beyond college. I don’t think we’ve had that (maybe because their guys are there four years and ours head for the NBA in two).

While I still see Moe slipping into the 2nd round, and while his defense may always be a liability I love his intangibles, and his offensive skill set. I think he could have a nice career, and personally I would take him over DJ Wilson for all those reasons despite Wilson having the physical tools.


Have to ask: did you peg DJ as a 1st round pick when he declared?


Not sure who this was addressed to but I’ll take a shot. I think most analysts pegged DJ as a late first / early second round type of pick. I thought based on what I had read from multiple sources that he had a very good shot at being a first round pick. I think where he was drafted was about as high as anyone had pegged him to go from what I recall. Honestly for DJ I thought coming back would never result in his draft stock being higher, only lower. He had to leave, even though there was no way he was ready to go. I was never a big DJ fan, not because he didn’t have the physical tools (which is why he got drafted early) but because I thought he lacked some of the intangibles that Moe brings to the table.


Thanks for responding. I see a number of folks on other platforms who talk about Moe as a certain 2nd round pick and being disappointed in his decision for that reason. They see it as Moe choosing 2nd round life in the G League with a low money deal vs. coming back to their favorite University for another shot at glory.

I saw DJ as a swing draft pick, low 1st - high 2nd area, and I see Mo the same way but for different reasons. DJ’s selection made sense for Milwaukee given their philosophies at the time, but if they didn’t take him could he have slipped into the 2nd round?

I think there are some teams that make more sense than others for Moe. If he gets past them, though, I agree that he could slip. I just don’t think its a certainty. Like many other things, we’ll be proven right or wrong after the fact.


That letter was an excellent read. I see lots of guys in the League that make very good money not being a star. I can see that as Moe’s floor and that’s not a bad gig. One of my favorites. We’ll miss his attitude a bit next year.