Minnesota thoughts

Refs really killed us early. That said we have no one to blame but ourselves for ot loss. I give them all the credit in the world for pushing overtime. That’s where we blew it though. We forced some bad looks and didn’t get the boards/ make the free throws.

I’m Maars number one cheerleader but when I saw his face going to the line I knew he was missing at least one. What i don’t get though is he hits that cold blooded three right before. But now he’s nervous? He aimed the shot instead of shooting. Wasn’t loose that’s why they popped out. Shame. They really deserved it karmically

I’d think shooting free throws would be much more nerve racking than a jumper in the flow of the game.

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Hundred percent. Thing is I guess I felt like he’s one of the guys on the team who has shown he can come up big in big moments. He hits that three then makes a few nice d plays. When he got fouled I was like he’s gonna show he’s ready to step up next year right here. Then the look on his face!!! I was like oh no, he’s shook!

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He’s still my boy though. Glad to see him playing well. Love the fast breaks.

I’d be curious to know what percentage of teams end up losing a game after forcing OT on a last second/near last second shot.

On top of everything, that also adds to the frustration. Felt like we were meant to win after that.

MAAR still has confidence issues. He’s just not aggressive enough looking for his shot. He has great quickness and body control driving to the basket and can create enough space to get off a clean shot, but he’s just too timid.

Yea at the same time for my sanity it helped me accept the loss more. I felt we actually lost " fairly" at that point. Had we just loss after that sorry red job I would have gone on a rampage, "I’ll never watch another game again, this s*** is fixed "

Earlier in the year I felt worse about him. He’s coming out of his shell again. I agree though. Before this year I thought he was phased out by design. Lately he isn’t looking to score enough. I’d love for him to look to score more. I think our offense looks better with him as a main option.

I still can’t shake this game making me feel it was legit fixed/fishy. Not even joking. Mgoblog even has a thread about it.

The MAAR foul where he “pushed” his guy out of bounds who was diving to save it? You’ve gotta be kidding me with that.

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There were so many bad calls. We still had it though and didn’t finish.we would have been looking real hot had we finished that one.

Iowa, v tech, Wisconsin, minny. All really bad losses in games I felt we had/ were superior team. 21-6 looks really good.

I used to just think Teddy was awful for making the game about himself, but it’s clear he’s a completely incompetent official too. He’s worse than Jamie Luckie in the ACC, which is extremely difficult to do.


Absolutely. When you’re a combination of awful and incompetent, how do you have a job?

And to be fair, everyone has said this about him for a while. Tonight was just a part of it, not a reason for it.

I don’t know about main option, just because from a 3-point shooting perspective he’s not going to be efficient at high volume. I think he’s found his sweet spot taking low volume 3-pointers from his best spots. You’ll never see him taking top of the key 3-pointers like primary options in this offense do. Nonetheless, he can get to the rack on pretty much anybody but he doesn’t do it often enough.
DJ is another guy who needs to be more aggressive on offense and get the ball more. You see him asking for it on the right block, but they don’t give it to him.
Still too much hero-ball from the seniors on this team. Maybe because the other options don’t have the confidence to take those shots? I don’t know. They’ve been an enigma to say the least. We will miss them next year, but at the same time perhaps being forced into a bigger role will induce some growth in the returning players. Some of these guys are too deferential.

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Tough way to lose. Thankfully the Wisconsin win gave us a mulligan in terms of bubble watch.

I didn’t mean THE main option just a main option. Like second or third wheel. 10-12 looks a game.

I agree about dj. We need him to be aggressive and get a lot of touches. They ignore the entry to him a lot yet he’s extremely effective in the post.

I’d like to see him boost his usage to about 20-21% from 16-17% currently. We’ll see what happens next year, it could very well happen considering the roster turnover. I just think guys like him are so valuable to balance out the 3-point-happy offense, especially when they go cold from the perimeter and the other team goes on a run. Dudes who can get to the rack stabilize your offense.

Uhhh yeah, still think it was fixed:


It’s hard to believe those refs were paid to do their job and it was done so poorly. I am still in shock by some of those fouls. It’s unbelievable stuff like that can happen.

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I think more balance from the offense is essential period. I actually think we are better at getting to the rim/ posting up then anyone realizes including the team itself. Derrick, maar, Wilson, wagner irvin can all drive or post up effectively. No need to fall in love with the three.

Next year will be even more dramatic. Would love to see us alter the o for our roster. Lots more post ups, slShing, fast breaking

More post ups has to start with getting Wagner in the weight room this summer so he has somewhat of a chance to fight for position on the block with giant tree stump type people. Right now the vast majority of his post looks start about 15 feet out.