Minnesota thoughts

Does anybody have any info on the technical? The explanation made no sense to me. Washington was just walking on the sideline from what I could see.

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TV Teddy. That’s the only explanation I’ve got.

Let’s see what the lead ref has to say…Oh wait, since it was a judgement call they don’t have to comment on it. Clap clap big ten

Speaking of mgoblog creating a thread about teddy I have a question for those who use it. It asks me like a general question to ensure your not spam. Like last name of a heisman winner. I wrote Simpson. It shot me down. Now it’s asking me for first name of the faster qb. First off how do you prove that? Are they talking Michigan winners/ qbs ? Why won’t it let me sign up?

yeah, they mean michigan players. howard, denard.

There was ref problem, but with 17-0 in 2nd chance points, forget it. You can’t win that game.

Well, if the refs hadn’t gifted minnesota about 10 points on absolutely absurd undebatable calls they would have won handedly in regulation…

Absurd blocking foul + tech = 4 points
Fouled 3 pointer = 3 points
4 point play = 1 point
Rahk push = 2 points

And that doesn’t even count all the horrible calls in the paint where Michigan defenders (in particular Mo maybe 3 different times) were clearly straight up and were called for fouls just because Minnesota players rammed their shoulders into them.


One of the toughest games to watch due to consistent phantom calls. I dont get how it can be that bad. So many calls that should not have been made. Last night was brutal.

I expect the fouls on the block where the offensive player jumps into a Wolverine and gets the call.

I hated the flopping last night. Any bump and the Minnesota player hit the floor. That’s on the coach (bad clone Pitino) for either coaching it or tolerating it.

The tech was just absolutely weird. I went back to look at the video and Valentine delivered the tech when Washington was jogging away from the play, down the side line, about 5 feet out of bounds, toward the end of bench, hunched over (politely!) so he did not obstruct any of the fan’s views.

It was the weirdest technical foul I have ever seen.


Dwalt, especially, couldn’t buy a call, too. Whereas Mason played liked a wisp in the wind, any contact drawing a foul. Of course, Derrick also didnt make his FTs…

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There were definitely assistant coaches for both teams on the court at different times. I think the key to the tech was that there was a loud stomp noise on the court after the call. I think it was Saddi jumping on the court but I was looking more at the play when it happened.

It was Saddi. I was at the game. TV Teddy made sure everyone knew that he was doing the game. You should’ve seen him talking to the TV guys during the TV timeout.

Regardless, missed free throws killed the team.

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I don’t have a problem with Wagner’s looks starting 15 ft and out because that is his advantage on the defender. He has pretty quick two or three dribble moves and of course is a 3 point threat. He needs to improve on vision and passing out of his moves that are defended well. DJ has so much more potential next year to be an initiator of the offense as his handle is decent and has shown to be a good passer and I believe he will become an effective finisher. Both DJ and Wagner I believe will have a major jump next year offensively. Both need to get stronger to be more effective defensively.

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Refs were bad for both sides but some of the stuff they called on us was just head scratching. I wish someone with some video editing skills would put together a “highlight” reel of the horrible calls in that game and get it trending.


And make sure it has that Coldplay song from the classic Kings/Lakers game 6 vid :slight_smile: