Minnesota at Michigan Discussion Thread

A whole lot of bad things happened. We got a win, let’s move on quickly lol :grin:

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I still may have a post-earthquake heart attack.

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It all completely s*cked. But let’s not forget Duncan Robinson getting fouled repeatedly and then called for a travel. That game by any measure was freaking over. If that ref isn’t tagged for that. . .


We shot 25% from three and 42% from free throw. Someone’s gotta check and tell me the last time Michigan WON a game under those conditions

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We do not struggle!

I still feel like, as much as he got fouled, it was unforgivable to not give him an outlet to throw the ball to.

Once you’re fouled, it’s not called, you have to deal with it and make the next play. But for reasons unfathomable, Z was on the floor and Duncan couldn’t throw it to him for obvious reasons. Why is Z on the floor there? How is Z on the floor there?

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Shows just how AWFUL this Minnesota team and Pitino is haha.

I know that I carry plenty over from his pops, but I have a vast, undying, largely unjustifiable dislike for that guy.


Charles and Z need to be locked in the gym for a week, they can get their homework delivered there, no one leaves until they start making 8 out of 10 on groups of 10 repeatedly.

Or until they make 5000 free throws or whatever. Seriously, those two guys need to live at the athletic center shooting free throws like eating green beans until they come out of your ears. If they want to be a winning team, enough is enough.

Charles, on more than one occasion, has made 80+ out of 100. I’ve witnessed 2 times myself. It’s 100% mental and that can’t be cured by taking more in practice imo.


Not quite your perimeters, but our UCLA win was 34% from three and 36% on free throws. So, um, somehow that wasn’t our worst performance in a win.

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You’re definitely not alone with that feeling!

Form is still very stiff, though.

When he’s making 80+, is this what his form looks like?

Wasn’t it Moe who told the team to have fun during the timeout? Perhaps I misheard the idiot broadcasters.

This game was won by Beilein’s decision to go zone. Game completely flipped at that moment. Case closed. Beilein outcoaches Pitino yet again.


Might have been. I was stroking out most of the 2nd half, so I can’t remember what I heard.


I can’t believe that of all the players in the Big 10 to force us to play zone it was “Jelly Fam” Washington. He might be a 4 year headache for Michigan.


He had Z pretty shook. I think we’ll compete better against him in the future.

He does have some inches though on most of the guys we would put on him, I would think.


That’s the best 2-3 zone I’ve ever seen Michigan play under Beilein. By far.

Also totally different than how they’ve ever run it. Pure match up zone. Probably a credit to whichever of the new assistant coaches that runs the defense.


Especially with no Mason going forward. I used to feel that way about McBrayer, but now I want him to shoot more.

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