Michigan's game at Penn State postponed

Makes sense if PSU is having major issues. Interested to see how the B1G ends up rescheduling these games. Obviously we have the collapsible byes but PSU also has various points with 5 days between games. Would think we see some games scheduled in those time frames with potentially some other games moved around across the league to make it work.

Yeah, I’m not sure when the Big Ten decides to start getting weird and moving games around. That would be easier if there was a 2nd team on a pause, though.

What are these collapsible byes that I’ve seen mentioned a few times here?

If the Big Ten does want to just try to get as many games in as possible…

it seems like Michigan could play Wisconsin this weekend, or even Monday, and Rutgers on Weds?

Rutgers could play its game this weekend, Michigan on Weds? and Wisconsin on Friday.

Wisconsin could play Michigan and then Rutgers on Friday.

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“To allow for maximum flexibility in the potential rescheduling of games, this year’s schedule is built with two sets of collapsible byes during the weeks of Jan. 18-21 and Jan. 25-28, and the weeks of Feb. 22-25 and March 1-5.”

Not surprised if nobody gets into foul trouble maybe you can give some guys extra minutes tonight, only game this week for them. Doesn’t seem like any team is having the bye so they could move a game to make room for Penn St. Like Gonzaga is doing with playing BYU tomorrow.

Penn State situation:

All games are planned to be rescheduled, although there is no indication when that might take place. Penn State’s next scheduled game is slated for January 19 at Purdue.

The program has not indicated the number of positive cases, although a source confirmed to StateCollege.com on Wednesday night that the number of cases within the program had increased from the two that caused the initial postponement of Sunday’s game against Wisconsin.

No determination has been made on how the pause may impact scheduled games beyond Jan. 12.

Like this idea, but with the game Tuesday being in a prime showcase slot on ESPN, I don’t think they would want to see the game moved and would probably have some say in that decision.

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Yeah… that’s probably the issue and I’m not even sure what you gain by jumping through all of those hoops. :rofl:

This is the first major disruption to the conference schedule though so it’ll be interesting how it is handled.


I’m not sure I mind this game being cancelled. Seems like a tough game that would hurt a lot to lose and there is little benefit from the win.

I guess I can watch the NFL playoffs Saturday now.

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Disappointing since nothing has been quite as fun lately as watching this team play.

But as long as they have an awesome performance tonight, we can ride those good vibes into next week. Tonight is a big one.


Does this imply moving the location of the game if necessary? Or just wherever in their schedule but still taking place @PSU

If the game happens, I’d be shocked if it was anywhere other than State College.


Impromptu 2021 Big Ten Super Saturday at MSG! :wink:


I hope we get them on day 2 of a home back to back…

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