Michigan Women's Hoops

I’ve noticed that the women in general seem go to the floor a lot more often than the men. Big hustle points to them.


Hardest Working Team in America™


Kiser has already hit the floor 4 times, and we have 5:41 to go in the 2nd

You won’t be able to not see it now!

Speaking of Kiser, I do not know how I feel about leaving her in with two fouls before we even hit the midway point of the second quarter.

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If I’m IU I am attacking Kiser with Holmes every time down the floor right now.

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IU is carving them up on offense right now. Holmes picking up her second foul 25 feet from the basket at the tail end of the half there was huge to help even some things out, but it might not matter the way IU is moving and shooting the ball right now.

Hopefully things can settle down a bit in the second half.

They also have GOT to rebound misses and stop giving IU second chances when they do get stops.

Absolutely have to make some hay here.

Indiana is on a whole other level from us. These next couple classes will hopefully get us to this level, but were not their this year. Indiana Iowa will be electric.

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And Indiana/Ohio State

There aren’t many games these days (KBA!) where I feel like Michigan just doesn’t have the horses, but there have definitely been patches of the game tonight where it just feels like the talent gap is very clear.


Well, they had three possessions there to get it to 10 or less and just could not capitalize. That’s tough. Probably going to see Holmes and Berger the rest of the way. Feels like that was a very good opportunity to get this game within reach.

Here we go!!!

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midgame probably isn’t the time to ask, but for someone who doesn’t know - what does KBA do that makes her so much better than Michigan’s past WBB coaches?

recruiting? evaluating late risers? development? in-game strategy?

recruiting + offense

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best possible combo imo

Down to 6 with 4:47 left. Cmon Girls!

It feels like IU hit twice as many 3’s as the box score seems to indicate.


I think what was so demoralizing about it was that every time it felt like Michigan was going to get a stop late in the shot clock, the ball would find its way to a wide-open shooter who would knock one down.

Michigan is playing Maryland tough, coming back from double digits down to make a game of it in the 4th.