Michigan Women's Hoops

The B1G matchups were announced and the women will have to face both USC and UCLA on the road. No home matchups versus the Angelenos this season.



Do we even have a full roster?

Oh man, hate to say this but they’re going get smoked by South Carolina. The fact that Michigan still has 5 scholarship open is bad.

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The portal done most of girls that can help are pick up. We literally had everyone else pick our roster apart.

Taylor Williams committed to Northwestern and Cam Williams to Miami. Wonder what KBA will do with the 5 open slots rt now.

yikes would love to know what happened on the inside of the program this offseason


Dot kinda hinted at players transferring due to KBA’s personality unless I’m misinterpreting his post. Only Philea was NIL related.

So far KBA pulling a juwan in portal. Just sitting on your hands doing nothing. I think we need a dusty may type coach on women’s side too.

Fire KBA is back on the menu!!!


It’s definitely unfortunate that it has been such a rough offseason with transfers at the same time as KBA has her best recruiting class coming in. Would have been perfect to mix them all in together. Could have had a nice team.


You know a follow a little after these transfers go and guess what? Their t shirts aren’t flying out the stores. So egg on their face. So goes Cameron Williams.

I’m not sure what you’re saying here.

TNT for the season opener.



ooh I forgot about this…quick trip to Vegas yes please n thanks

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Meanwhile, 5-6 open schollies needed to be filled before this season starts. Will transfers be committing to KBA?

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New assistant coach. Michigan Women's Basketball on Instagram: "We are excited to welcome new assistant coach Justine Raterman to Ann Arbor! #GoBlue"

“Raterman made the move with former Michigan assistant Megan Duffy to Marquette in 2019 after a pair of seasons at Miami (Ohio). Raterman was an assistant coach for her first four seasons in Milwaukee and was promoted to associate head coach prior to the 2023-24 season while also serving as the recruiting coordinator.”


Currently, they only have three openings, maybe two. I don’t know if Whitney Sollom is using her Covid shirt or not.
If she isn’t returning, we’ve got:

  1. Jordan Hobbs, Sr.
  2. Greta Kampschroeder, Sr.
  3. Ally VanTimmeren, Sr. (portal in)
  4. Alyssa Crocket, Jr.
  5. Macy Brown, So.
  6. Syla Swords, Fr.
  7. Olivia Olson, Fr.
  8. Mila Holloway, Fr.
  9. Aaiyanna Dunbar, Fr.
  10. Te’Yala Delfosse, Fr.

That is 5 openings. WBB teams have 15 scholarships

But overall not as alarming as a men’s team having 8 players