Michigan Women's Hoops

Always need more passing, dribbling, and shooting work. All levels, up until varsity. In many cases-even then.

There’s always next years tournament! I’d also add a plug for getting tickets to the state finals as a closer option. Those are really fun days!

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Thoughts from last night’s game:

  • Hansen has great handles and is a very confident dribbler/passer; she also looks to be a huge liability on defense at this point. She is getting beat off the dribble regularly.
  • The defense as a whole continues to look slow. Hopefully they’ll pick it up as the non-conference season goes on, but so far I have seen way too many people getting easily beat off the dribble. This is definitely something I’m tracking as a concern given the guards in the B1G.
  • For the second game in a row we’ve seen a 3-guard lineup early in the game with Brown at the 1 and Phelia and Kampschroeder both in. I don’t know that I’ve noticed any significant strength or weakness of it yet, but that seems like a new tweak KBA is playing with.
  • Sollom looks to be an okay rebounder. She also looks to be a pretty good passer out of the post. I’ll be interested to see what her playing time looks like whenever Chyra Evans returns.
  • Speaking of the post, the offense really struggled to try to find ways to get the ball there. Entry passes were just not happening. Lots and lots of passing around the perimeter while Cam Williams worked her tail off to try and get positioning for a pass.
  • I found myself surprised that Alyssa Crockett has been like the 10th (wo)man in these games, but I’m also not entirely sure who I’d bump back to put her in earlier, either. I guess maybe Taylor Woodson. Seeing her get in before Crockett is interesting. Crockett is a a pretty solid piece to have that far down in the rotation.
  • Laila is clearly hunting her shot. If she can get that midrange jumper to fall with regularity (a la Leigha Brown), that will be a nice weapon.


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… but are they from Michigan ?


As long as they are good whocatrs where they come from . :thinking::slightly_smiling_face::wink:

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They are not turnip.

We’re doomed!



I believe the #1 drill for young hoopers, and especially for girls, is the no-dribble scrimmage, often small sided. It forces them to catch and pivot and look up and fights the original sin as a ball handler — dribbling as soon as you catch the ball and well before you have even looked at the defense.

These adorable fifth grade cherubs allow pilgrims to wander wide open under the basket at alarming rates — please look for the open layup before you decide to dribble your circuitous and thrilling path into a double team in the right baseline corner!

(Sorry - I coached DC CYO girls for several years. Many good memories but obviously it took a toll.)


Women are in the Battle 4 Atlantis championship today against Ole Miss


Ugly game 37-25 Ole Miss with 3 left in the 3rd. Michigan shooting 15%.

After a slow start, Michigan is opening it up at Harvard. We’re up 13 with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd. This is my first time watching this season.

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We had a 20 point lead and the bench made it look closer at the end. 80-66 final. Go Blue!