Michigan Women's Hoops

They have turned UNLV over a lot, but no one can shoot (save for Maddie hitting one from basically the logo).

Michigan is breaking UNLV’s press well, but they just can’t find rhythm offensively. LB has missed a whole bunch of her reliable jumpers. Pretty much every jump shot she has taken has been short. Lots of misses in the post as well. Just an ugly game offensively from both sides. Michigan had just gone 4 minutes without scoring in the 2Q.

They are everywhere on defense, though. Jumping passing lanes, rebounding the ball, forcing a ton of turnovers with pressure defense. Elise Stuck is hustling her tail off!

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Michigan up 28-20 at the half. UNLV’s coach does not have a towel they suck out throughout the game.

28-20 Michigan lead at half. Nobody really doing much of anything on offense for Michigan, but they have done exceptionally well breaking the press so that’s great! I don’t know if they’ve turned the ball over on the press break once yet.

Their defense is suffocating. UNLV can’t get anything going. At one point UNLV got back within 5 off a three that basically got stuck between the heel of the rim and the backboard and then fell in. That’s pretty emblematic of the offense in this game across the board.

If Michigan could do anything on offense they’d be running away with this one, but as it we have an 8-point game at the half.

Well, UNLV came out gunning in the second half and in less than 2 minutes it was a 3-point game. Shots are starting to fall both ways now.

Maddie came to play, y’all. 3/4 from downtown, jumping passing lanes, getting on the floor. She’s leading the way with 13.


i turned it on and brought the luck with me

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Up 17 with 2:25 to go in the 3Q.
Kiser 3 caps a 12-0 run to force a UNLV timeout.


We, uh, have a developing #refshow here…

that block looked clean to me, but possibly resulting in an injury

edit: on replay, i have once again been proven right

Absolutely. Shouldn’t have been necessary because the pass from Brown was just lazy, but that was clean and a great play by Hobbs. If they somehow upgrade this we have a full-blown refshow at this point.

Hobbs was not ready for Brown to initiate the action there. Good hustle play yo get in position for the block. Was a bit of body but looked worse than what the contact was.

This has been a Maddie game, definitely. I like that Stuck seems to contribute every game. Kiser great as always.


Beat the Tigers (and more importantly Kim Mulkey)!


Solid game. Win and advance.

My shoot was quick so i heard the 4th on the radio while driving home. Nice win!

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Nice write-up on her impact this month.


Second round is at 7:30 Sunday on ESPN.


OSU losing to a 14 seed currently


The same Toledo team that beat Michigan at Crisler this year just knocked off [HerHoopStats #11] Iowa State.


They are fun to watch and run some really good sets on offense