Michigan vs. Detroit Discussion


I mean UNC’s backup center situation is currently being taken care of by two freshmen rated in the mid 200’s who combine to average 10 pts and 8 rebounds in 20 minutes. Both guys shoot a decently higher percentage than Teske despite the offense naturally giving them lower percentage post up shots along with the put backs and pick and rolls. I would hope Michigan would be able to pull a low three star.

Not sure what the point of comparing a guy like Teske is to two people who shoot a decent amount of jumpers and post up a lot. I think if either of those two players had the exact same shot chart as Teske they’d be shooting much better than they are right now. Regardless, it’s called playing Devil’s advocate. It does not mean I agree with those people.


Champions and kturnup - do you guys think Teske is a finished product or will he improve? If the latter, how?

By the way, I think Teske could have a significantly bigger impact than Jordan Morgan on both sides of the ball. I was a fan of Morgan, but Teske’s got 5 or 6 inches and already 20 pounds on him. As smart and well-positioned as Jordan was, he averaged less than half a block a game his senior year. Teske’s mere presence changes things in the lane.

Offensively, Teske has shown good passing skills and reportedly has a jumper, which Morgan never really did, though we haven’t seen it work so much in games. He may never be a rip and run guy like McGary but he could be pretty involved in the offense. A guy like Morgan is really valuable but Teske could – not necessarily will, but could – be significantly better.


Yeah, Morgan was good pretty much 100% because of the mental aspect. He was pretty undersized for a center and wasn’t very athletic, so if Teske can grasp even 3/4 of the defensive IQ of Morgan he will be an incredible defender IMO. Also agree on Teske’s passing, although that’s slowed down since the zone defenses have stopped.


He can absolutely improve in about every way. He’s only a sophomore. He can develop a pick and pop game, increase strength which will help with finishing, defense, and rebounding. Increase knowledge of the system.


Seems like most of us here are, despite appearances, pretty close in our assessment of Teske.


Just now having a chance to watch the Detroit game for the first time. The future is bright for Teske, Brooks, Livers and Poole.

Reading through the comments and I am incapable of understanding anything less than high praise for Teske…

The thing that is so striking to me is our young players are so advanced at knowing what they are going to do with the ball before they receive a pass. A very smart and decisive group. I love the quick decisions. I love the willingness to run.

Livers showed some nice ball handling. He is starting to get more confident. If he begins to finish better, then I think he will cut into Robinson’s minutes more.