Michigan vs. Detroit Discussion

Get your over bets ready to go for Saturday.

Bacari Alexander is back on the bench. The Kam Chatman revenge game. Should be a fun double-header at Little Caesar’s Arena.


Too bad for me that it is on ESPNU.

Kam is back good to see him play well but he can take a night off. Looking to see guys like Duncan, Livers, Poole, Teske, and hopefully Simmons get some confidence. Big stretch to get some guys going.

Whoops, I missed this thread, my comment about lunch should’ve gone here.

I’m gonna be down there too. Probably gonna try to go to Eminem’s popup restaurant for lunch, lol.

Were you looking for something in the downtown center or something that was a little closer to LCA? There’s not a ton in the immediate half mile of LCA yet. I believe the “District Detroit” stuff is still heavily under construction. Lots of stuff in the Downtown center if you wanted to stop down there first though.


Ahh, I was looking more for stuff right next to LCA, I didn’t know that was still being built. I’m familiar enough with the rest of downtown. Thanks!

Are we sure Mo is going to play? I haven’t heard any updates.

Beilein set to meet with the media in 10 mins, should know more then.

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I would be willing to bet he is not going to play

If he is not 100%, I would rather he sat out (unless really needed) and turn it over to Teske/Davis. It would be a sneek preview of next year.

Beilein said Moe did some things in practice. He’ll evaluate him tomorrow and see how he feels before the game.

I’m still gun shy about December “guarantee” games after NJIT. If he can play I say play him until the game is no longer in doubt. Playing in a new arena in an early game against an old coach and a former player just screams to me that this is going to be closer than people think, at least for a while.

Said he’s not 100% but will be a game time decision.

This team is far superior to those teams though. They will not blow this game. Is rest moe the next two games at least. Teske could use more time and I’d like to see us run more offevse through him. I think teske could end up being a very valuable offensive weapon off the bench. That quick face up mid range shot is unstoppable and I think with more live game experience it could be automatic.

He also has the makings of a good 3 ball. He sets great screens and rolls hard. He needs to work on finishing strong because he’s almost impossible to stop in the roll he’s so tall you can just lead him by lofting it, I don’t think we will miss a beat with Jon out there against these smaller teams… Just let him know he has to be aggressive abd step up. I’d like him to work on banking that face up on the block. Much like Duncan did. It’s a tough shot but it’s much easier at that Angle when your 7 foot with long arms. Like I said it could be unguardable. He’s agile enough to use a pump fake then blow by his guy/ use a pivot spin move as a counter move once guys hace to respect/ overplay the fade up shot.

As others noted this is a chance to get Davis 10-15 min over the next couple games. A preview for when moe leaves. Should give us a good glimpse if he will stick around or if casketon will be the back up from the jump. I for one have always liked Davis and think he’s going to surprise. He’s not the usual Michigan big to me besides that he has a soft touch/ can shoot a bit. I’d love to see him in action and get him some post touches… he had great footwork and post moves out of high school and was very physical. I’d love to see if that translates. I think we will all be surprised at how effective he will be, especially as our future back up

I agree that it’s most important for the season to let Moe rest up and heal, even if it means sitting for a few games. But it also sucks, because against the lower tiered teams (including UD) he’s probably what separates us the most from them.

Also, when he tweaked the foot I was soo nervous, that was not a standard ankle roll…I just don’t want another Caris scenario to ever play out again. That was heartbreaking, for him AND for the fans.

Yeah, it looked like a really bad roll. It would not have surprised me if they said he broke his ankle on that or something.

Yes, I kept waiting for that diagnosis the first couple minutes too (even though he put some weight on it going back to the locker room which is usually a decent sign). Not speculating, but at the angle he rolled it (outer toe first), those seem to be the ones that take longer to come back from.

He’s a tough dude though, and I can’t see him missing key games if he feels he can go at all.

Hoping for the best and he suits up tomorrow, but not getting the hopes up too high