Michigan vs. Detroit Discussion


Using that language has no inherent value or relation to sports. We have the entire English language to use and he decided to use SMD. It’s stupid, and unbecoming of a man that is supposed to act as a form of a mentor to the young men. The language he used was sexist and homophobic. No place for that regardless of where you are. Whether you e heard worse is completely irrelevant.

I would reprimand my staff for making Subordinates do physical punishments because it has absolutely nothing to do with my line of work. I also don’t work in a typical office. I’m in social work and education.


It’s never acceptable, in my opinion, for a middle school coach to ever, really under any circumstances, to talk to middle school athletes that way. Among many other levels of coaching, I WAS a middle school coach of basketball, football, and track. It’s where I began my coaching career and where I ended it. After coaching at both the HS level and at a DIII school as the JV coach, one of my former players, now the varsity coach, asked me to come out of retirement to coach his middle school kids. I LOVED coaching those kids. We worked SO hard. They got in GREAT shape and learned a LOT of basketball, but I NEVER said inappropriate things to my kids. NEVER. I yelled a lot, but it was positive, encouragement, never demeaning. There are other ways that coaches can get kids to understand the point they are making. It may involve some playing time or getting in REALLY good shape without going overboard, but obscene language is NEVER appropriate. I can honestly say, I’ve never sworn at a player…at ANY level. Well, at least not out loud!

I will say this, though, I worked as a caddie as a kid. It was a real job, not just show up and carry someone’s bag. We were by far the BEST caddies in the state. Our caddie master was tough as nails. His language was the worst, perhaps, I’ve EVER heard, and I’ve served in the US Army! Today, he would be fired for using such language. Someone’s momma would complain, and he would be gone! BUT he is one of the four men I respect MOST in life. He taught me a work ethic and a PRIDE in what I was doing that I try to use everyday. He taught me that there are NO excuses. He taught me there there is really only one way to do things and that’s the right way. Be the BEST. Interestingly, in my development as a man, a teacher, and a coach, while I NEVER used the example of his language, I strived to use his example of dedication, and work ethic, and effort to be the best. So, middle school kids? No. High school kids? I don’t think so. College kids? Not necessary, but we all know of those coaches who get away with it. I agree with Bacon. There are other very effective ways of making your point. Sorry for the length of this.


I’m sorry, just find that opinion sorta ridiculous. Words slip out. I hardly find it worthy of an extended suspension. I think being legitimately upset by it more than a mild annoyance is a giant overreaction. Words are words. Just reflects today’s society though…

And watching this game? I can see why he’s be fed up with his team. No effort whatsoever.


I mean you can’t be serious with this comment…

I mean my freshman year roommate was from “da hood” and he often said that and similar expressions without shooting his friends or getting shot.

That’s all I’ll say about the topic, back to game discussion.


It doesn’t matter if it “slips out” or not. This pseudo macho idea that they’re just words is part of the reason why homosexuals stay in the closet til after their career is done and why women often struggle to break through in the industry. Words are words, but they can also be indicative of an overall attitude towards people. Again, he has the entire English language to use to motivate his team, he doesn’t have to use demeaning language. Pretty simple.

If BA’s team is struggling to be motivated, it’s because he hasn’t motivated them. And I highly doubt telling the players to SMD is going to do it.


Good showing for UM today. Important growth to show the ability to quickly put away a less talented team —and never let U-D make any sort of a comeback.

Only negatives to me are Davis (quick foul out; missed opportunity to get a good 15-17 minutes of game action) and Simmons (looks lost, especially on offense — rarely seems ready to shoot when the ball rotates to him).

A lot of positives otherwise: Robinson seemed to find his shooting touch, Teske looked good in extended minutes, Livers got a nice extended run, etc


And Poole!


Pleasant little scrimmage. Really looked like a scrimmage at times. If Poole keeps his head in the game, he’s going to be really good. Very encouraged by what I’m seeing there. I love Teske and thought he played very well, but the message for him should be “don’t play with your food” on the offensive end. I really like him, though. As long as he doesn’t let himself get buried in the paint, he is really unpleasant to try to score over.

Player development is a beautiful thing to see the fruits of, and credit to Kam - I thought that was an irreparably broken shot and he seems to have worked a lot of the kinks out. I never thought I’d say this about him, but he might could kick around Europe for a little, which is amazing, considering where he was. That year off couldn’t have come at a better time for him.

Poor Simmons must be deep in the doghouse - didn’t get in until 10 minutes left. I didn’t think he did anything wrong once he was out there, fwiw.

It wasn’t perfect, but Charles started to look better at the line. Really encouraging stuff from Z.

Brooke Weisbrod was distractingly bad. Nick Ward is freaking terrifying now that he’s lost the weight. If Izzo can’t win a title with this team…



Seems pretty ridiculous to suspend a college basketball coach for that. Insert millennial/snowflake rant here.


I second that. This whole situation is really unbelievable to me. I feel bad for Bacari and also bad for the student the that has been raised to need a safe space.


I am completely fine with the punishment. It is good, to in steps, phase out that kind of language which has been a part of sports culture…The reason that kind of language doesn’t bother me personally is that the person talking like that ends up just looking like a damn clown. However, the head scratcher for me is that the parents still don’t seem satisfied after the leave of absence, apology and the promise by BA to be more sensitive with the words he uses…I mean, wtf do they really want? Again, the dad works for UDM—so there is that…Hopefully, this doesn’t make the dads work environment awkward/ hostile. I guess the attorney would know more about how this has affected the parents…


Simpson’s 3 point shooting starting to remind me of Denzel Valentine’s 3’s. Ugly ugly ugly but the damn thing goes in


Shout out to Charles Matthews for his performance. Very sorry to hear his grandmother passed. I can’t imagine how hard it was for him to show up that late to the game and put on the performance that he had.


Just goes to show, it’s good to appreciate what you have. Bacari seemed to be getting a dream job of coaching his alma mater, then he has a terrible season, misses out on Michigan getting a BTT championship and going to the Sweet 16, gets suspended for several games for something that probably goes on quite a bit in college athletics, then has to watch his old team handle his new one. Hopefully it they pull it together and have a good run in the Horizon League and it all works out.

As for UM, nice to Simpson continue his strong play, Teske get some minutes and look good, and the team in general shoot well from three. Gotta hit those free throws though.

  1. Just to toss my 2 cents: saying “this language happens all the time in sports, my coaches said this, etc” is meaningless. Yes, we all know it does. Yes, I experienced similar language. The question is “Should a 40+ year old man be telling a teenager to fellate him?” If a coach is supposed to be a mentor and role model, is that the behavior you want? I’d argue it’s unhelpful both to the coach who wants to foster a strong culture, and the school, who I’d imagine wants a coach who can foster that culture. It’s not the final word on his quality as a person or coach, and hopefully this is the last we hear of it.

  2. Not much to take from the game? Teske really needs to learn how to get the ball to the rim - that’s one thing I took from it. Good to see some guys knock down some shots they haven’t been - Robinson, Watson.


I didn’t watch it. He looked he shot well and scored. What were a lot of his baskets? I like his midrange game. Was he hitting face up baskets.


Coach Beilein preaches a lot about balance and the importance of. Jon Teske is so very often off balance, especially on offense, which is why he often throws up awkward shots or gets his shot blocked. The speed of the game often gets Teske to rush things and when he rushes he looks horrible and gets off balance. Work in progress who will get better and better.

I agree with Coach Beilein that as an upper classmen Teske will be very good, efficient player. Always going to be a role player but he has the makings of a good one.


I thought Teske was good, but I thought he missed a lot of opportunities to be great. He has a long way to go in regards to finishing. I’m glad we could get him some big minutes though.


You don’t think he can take his game past role player status? He looks to have a nice stroke and he is a great screener. Looks like he knows how to get open a lot off of it too. I was thinking he maybe able to develop into a pretty big force to be reckoned with. Already a serious defender. It will be intersting to see how he looks as an upperclassmen.