Michigan vs. Detroit Discussion


If I was the coach, I would be inclined to rest Mo. Why take a chance?

It’s a bit of a bummer though. I had two goals for this team over the next 3 games (other than winning, of course). First, I wanted to see Mich use zone defense more, so that can be a regular part of their defensive schemes. Second, I really wanted to see some Mo/Teske and Mo/Davis combinations. The ankle injury definitely screws this up.


Didn’t look to me as if Mo had all his weight on ankle that turned. Looked to me like Wagner stepped on one Texas’ player with his left foot, then turned ankle on right foot when he stepped on another players foot. Very fortunate


Yeah you might be right, just watched it again. Hard to tell % wise how much weight was on it, but it wasn’t all of it. Still, just an ugly angle for your foot to bend…ligaments on top of foot just as at risk as a typical ankle injury there.

Regardless, it sounds like the long term prognosis is ok…I just always have that “Caris” fear where things were so uncertain.

The “bright” side is that, if Moe were to sit, it really gives the young big guys a great experience and opportunity to know that the minutes are there.


I am not a doctor. And I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

But, if it were my call I’d opt to let him warm up pregame and if he isn’t 100% I’d sit him out the 1st Half…if UM is rolling, shut him down for the game; if UM is in danger, see what he can give in Half2.


Exactly. Why risk tweaking it again if he isn’t 100%.


Parent: UDM coach Bacari Alexander’s absence came after vulgar comment


Seems interesting to suspend a guy for two weeks due to a pretty common expression, even if it is vulgar.


The attorney said it would have been better if BA would have punched Tariiq.

Stupid and weak.

Apparently the dad is also upset that the Bacari does not shake his hand anymore to say “hi”.


The dad works for campus security at UDM.



I’d easily suspend one of my staff members if they said that to a client or subordinate.


Bacari was always quite the spectacle with his words…what an unfortunate way to start a career though


It’s college basketball. There are coaches, including one in our state a few of whose practices I’ve observed, who are verbally abusive of players in practice. By the way, the language and antics used by this coach were almost exclusively reserved for the young players. The veterans are often seen with their arm around his shoulder. This coach is also known for some of the most ugly and hateful stares I’ve ever seen as an offending player walks off the floor during a game. I don’t condone the language used, but it happens. Our staff observed the practice of this very prominent program with the exceptionally successful coach who is highly respected by most folks who are not Michigan fans and we left practice shaking our heads at the verbal “abuse” and other tantrums this coached used to “motivate” his players. We actually thought it was pretty funny, but we also agreed that if we used such language we’d most certainly be fired. I will say, it sure works for the coach to whom I’m alluding. One of the reasons I like Coach B so much is that he’s pretty much always classy. When the worst you say to a kid is, “So far you’ve been the MVP for UCLA, we need you to be the MVP for Michigan!” I wouldn’t say the term “wild man” would apply to our coach. Although, I DO understand Coach B is yelling a little more in practice this year! I doubt that Bacari said what has been reported he said to a player while he was at Michigan.


It is not hard to figure out what coach you are referring to. Most of us have observed that behavior just watching the games.
I have often said that I would never play for him or let my son play for him. I think he has real emotional or anger control issues and that this is not just his style or an act. I expect a Woody Hayes like end to his career.


Elite emotional manipulator. HOF elite.


I definitely don’t condone that kind of language. I think BA should face consequences (he did) and he needed to apologize (he did). The denial of the actual suspension and classifying his “absence” as a “personal matter” is probably just UDM trying to take, perhaps misguided, precautionary measures to protect themselves. The possible need for precautionary measures here, is what is interesting to me…We live in a weak, self-serving, dishonest society, unfortunately…God bless the lawyers.



Edit: Dylan had the quicker trigger dang


We have all, I would guess, done or said things that were completely out of character, perhaps because of pressures or circumstances that no one really knows about. Does that make our behavior or words acceptable? No, of course not, especially from a teacher or coach. I have always respected Bacari Alexander, and I’ve seen him as a “players’ coach” and a quality person. I’d like to believe that something of a personal nature was occurring in his life which contributed to his going “over the line” in this instance. Perhaps that is why the term “personal matter” was used here. I would like to continue to respect Bacari and continue to believe that he cares about his kids and remains a “players coach.” I hope he emerges from this stronger and healthier and is able to coach and motivate players at a high level. I WILL say, however, again, that there are coaches who get away with things like this, and I’m glad we don’t have one of those. By the way, my observation of the practice(s) I referred to in my other comment occurred 15 or more years ago, as I’ve been out of coaching for over 12 years now. Maybe things have changed.


Obviously, I’m hoping this is just precautionary and they are just being careful. We will need him beginning in, what, seventeen days. Get it healed up big fella. As for today, I hope JT and AD bring it! Hoping Moe comes back better than ever, but in the meantime, a great opportunity for the young “bigs!”


Would you suspend them if they made a subordinate do physical punishments for a performance related issue?

College basketball is not at all equivocal to an office environment or something similar. I had middle school football coaches who said worse stuff than a simple “SMD,” especially if they were talked back to.


I think screamer coaches either modulate their style over time or develop big health issues. I think that the coach in question has some. The worry is that you lose teams, sometimes midway through a season. They stop listening, just out of self-defense.

What I’d ask with Bacari, were I an administrator dealing, is whether it’s chronic–attains the level of abuse–or is an outburst.

Straying a little in the convo, but one of the things that fascinates about the NBA as it has evolved is the way a new more respectful model has taken hold.