Michigan unveils 2022-23 roster with updated numbers, measurements


Who do we see as our 3rd 5? Are twill and Tschetter going to see any emergency minutes there? Or yo-yo?

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Posting just to get this out of the way…



I would say Tschetter

I agree and I think he’s going to get a few minutes.

Jett marked as G and Barnes as G/F

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Several surprises.

  1. JL is a Canadian?
  2. Youseff weighs the same as Kobe?
  3. Barnes is listed as sophomore but Tschetter is listed as redshirt freshmen?

I feel like several of these things were well known before seeing the roster.

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Not sure how Khayat is playable at 6’9 195 unless Michigan wants to play quicker I can see Khayat getting worked.

Did they ever give us confirmation that barnes got his redshirt last year? I sure hope so for his sake alone


Who in the Big Ten is going to “work” him?


Does Will provide spacing that the other two do not? Would be nice to mix that in a bit when Hunter is not in the game, but I guess that begs another question in who is your #2 scorer? Jaylin? Jett?


A guy like Malik Hall, similar size 30 pounds heavier would be a handful for him. Mason Gillis or Caleb Furst. Race Thompson there are probably a few more. That under the idea that Khayat would be getting big minutes but I doubt that.

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I mean, he played. That technically makes him a non-redshirt without a waiver, which generally isn’t granted until he tries to use a 5th year.

I think we can expect a college freshman to be physically weaker than a 5th year senior like Race Thompson or a 4th year junior like Mason Gillis (who takes twice as many threes as twos, so I don’t know if he’s the guy to bully him).

Don’t know if Furst at 6’10, 210 is significantly thicker

I guess my take is that if Purdue wants to re-work their offense from Edey to pounding the rock to a PF platoon that averaged 3.5 two point attempts a game, I’ll take it?


Is he even on campus, to have been weighed?

In the video we saw today of YoYo in street clothes he doesn’t look unplayably skinny.

Not sure if serious

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Who’s your favorite player on this year’s team?

  • Hunter Dickinson
  • Jaelin Llewellyn
  • Kobe Bufkin
  • Jett Howard
  • Jace Howard
  • Isaiah Barnes
  • Gregg Glenn
  • Youssef Khayat
  • Joey Baker
  • Dug McDaniel
  • Tarris Reed
  • Terrance Williams
  • Will Tschetter

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