Michigan to play in Jumpman Invitational


There’s expected to be a heavy emphasis on branding, finances and marketing

Can’t wait

Plus more UNC and more Florida :roll_eyes:


As a UF grad and die hard Michigan fan, I can tell you that I’m getting tired of the two teams playing in both football and basketball.

Eh, I think it is a fun/smart event? Also at a time in the calendar where maybe it can get some attention?

Should be a solid game each season. My only concern about Juwan’s scheduling moving forward is whether he’ll push for high-level home and homes.


Yeah I mean I’m just being purposely down about it. I’m sure it’ll be a good event and get a lot of attention. I might even get to drive up to Charlotte for them

Also really cool it includes the women

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The whole basketball tournament of football schools sponsored by basketball player is a bit silly, though.


Seems great for visibility and recruiting :man_shrugging:

It’s a cool idea but I definitely have UNC exhaustion. And the specific point of mentioning the Jordan Brand football schools playing in a basketball tournament makes me laugh. Oh well.


Here’s to hoping UM/UNC is on the back-end of the 3-year deal.


I’d rather see this game every year than scheduling Cincinnati or some directional school.

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This won’t replace a buy game, the fear is that it replaces home-and-homes IMO. Which matters a lot more to season ticket holders and people who go to games (and just basketball purists, I suppose).


Yes, I hope it goes OU, UF, and then UNC.

To be perfectly honest I’m not overly interested in seeing Michigan match up against any of the involved teams, but at least with OU it’s been over a decade since they played.

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I think UNC ought to just join the B1G and then we can play them every year, and maybe even home and home, too, with a “protected rivalry!” :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :thinking: :rofl:

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I agree. I know we will still get the buy games but I’ll be more interested to watch these games. I don’t mind the UNC matchups. Presumably the games will be competitive and be an opportunity to learn something as a team.

Edit: There are certainly other games that I would enjoy more (Gonzaga, Oregon, Duke) but these aren’t bad games.

NVM, blended the years together. This doesn’t start until the 22/23 season.

DC event is:


What the? Prairie View? On the right track w Hbcu but why PV?

If they are going that way they should schedule Howard or some MEAC HBCU.


I think they will be moving away from high level home and homes. Or if they still want that they aren’t getting one every year. This is the first real season Juwan can put together future schedules. They got Kentucky for a 3 year deal (1 in London), they possibly have that game in Washington DC this year. Looking deeper at it.

2022 non conference schedule
1 of UNC/OU/Fla
ACC/B1G most likely at home

That most likely covers half of your non conference schedule. It just seems easier to fill in the pieces going forward for the next couple years with this. In a couple years they probably find a replacement for Kentucky. I don’t think it’s imperative to have big time opponents at home anymore. If the goal is to win in the tournament it’s all neutral court and domes. Find a way to get your team ready for that as opposed to having games at home where you can control the environment.

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While that is a sound strategy, it’s not very kind to your fan base.

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Looking forward, we can presumably assume that UCLA will be added to this event in the next cycle as they are now a Jordan brand school.

Would certainly much rather play them home/home as we have done in the recent past than play them in Charlotte, but should be a high exposure event regardless.