Michigan to play in 2021 MGM Resorts Main Event in Las Vegas


I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire adult life! T-Mobile is a great place to catch a game too. I was out there a few years back for that great North Carolina vs. Kentucky game.


Already started the “It’s so cold in November in Michigan, don’t you think?” approach with my wife. (Truth be known, I don’t think I need to twist much of an arm.)


Is it wise to buy tickets so early? I’m thinking about it but don’t know if there will be fans next season still

Probably not. IIRC, they were selling tickets for U-M/UK as the entire world was basically shutdown so they’ll sell tickets for anything. I also imagine if there are no fans you’ll eventually get your money back, though. Hard to predict what the world will look like in 9 months though… hard not to be a little optimistic based on the vaccine.


I’ve just arbitrarily decided that I’ve had enough of this pandemic sh*t, am going to be vaccinated by September in time for the event, and will be watching Blue in Vegas live. I almost need to believe that at this point.


This is precisely why my wife and I moved to Vegas last year.


awesome for West Coasters like me. Usually for my birthday my wife and I attend the SoCal region of March Madness. This can be a…Thanksgiving present instead


Thanksgiving presents are the best! I was once dating a girl that thought we should take a trip during Thanksgiving week. I suggested New York City! She was a little surprised to find out that Michigan was playing Oregon at Barclays Center in the Legend’s Classic and that I had went ahead and got us tickets. She was absolutely irate to find out the next day that it was a 2 day tournament and I bought tickets for that as well. We are no longer together.


LOL. My wife is Australian and had no idea what she was signing up for with the Michigan stuff. She is a great sport


:joy::joy::joy: what a move


That is a rock star move. Well played.


Buy those tickets, people! We should be in pretty good shape by November, pandemic-wise. If we’re not, then something went wrong.

I’ll second that. I was there for the Pac 12 tourney a couple years ago and it’s a great arena. Pretty big too, so I’ll bet tickets won’t be too tough.


Pumped!! Hoping to make the drive from SoCal as well.

Dude that is amazing.

Playing in a tournament in Vegas sounds nice after staying home this season, but I hate, hate, hate having Arizona in there. I’d tell the tournament to do better if they want Michigan to play.


No. Tickets will always be available I can’t picture this event being sold out. I went to Vegas in 2020. Got real good tickets for Caps-Golden Knights 3 hours before faceoff at the box office. Considering what’s going on right now you should probably wait. I will go but the borders aren’t open as of now so it doesn’t serve a purpose to get tickets. :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

Michigan owes a few to Arizona. I am not sure what the all time series is but I did see a win when they beat a highly ranked Arizona team at The Palace. Arizona has given Michigan many beatdowns unfortunately.

That has zero to do with my opinion.

Arizona is facing a slew of NCAA charges. We know they’re guilty and that Miller is directly implicated, but still employed. Maybe they will eventually be punished beyond their self imposed post-season ban, maybe not. I know a lot of people complain about the NCAA being toothless and looking the other way too often. Now we can complain about Michigan looking the other way too.